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Guard Rails & Bars

Over time, wear and tear to your premises is inevitable. Popular or high activity areas within your business (for example, locations where items are stored, unpacked or loaded) may be subject to heavy blows and other impacts, causing damage that is costly to repair. Prevention is always better than cure in these cases, so investing in a few affordable guard rails and bars could save you considerable amounts in the future. As one of the main market leaders in facilities management products, Seton can help you source protective bollards, posts and impact protectors to suit your requirements.

Our safety railing buying guide includes information of the various barrier types and where to use them.

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Safety Railing Buying Guide

Damage caused by impacts can be irreversible and costly, and jeopardises the safety of those exposed to such situations. You can protect people and property from harm by installing impact protectors, rails and bars. These reduce the frequency of accidents within your workplace and the severity of them if they do occur to safeguard equipment and facilities and maintain a safe, attractive site.

Guard rails and bars are an extremely worthwhile investment for all business owners.

Safety Guard Rail Options

When it comes to safeguarding your premises from damage, you should consider the following:

Heavy Duty Loading Area Protectors - These work to protect areas where deliveries or stock are loaded and unloaded from vehicles. Economic yet durable, these are a long-lasting and high impact absorbing solution.

Height Restriction Bars - An Easy way to warn drivers of large machinery and vehicles of maximum height restrictions when entering your premises; avoiding any crashes, collisions or powerful impact to property. They are reflective, for full visibility in daylight or at night.

Vertical Pipe Protectors – Highly visible guards that protect external pipes from collisions with vehicles or heavy loads.

High Impact Protection Guards – These sturdy and extremely visible guards protect the structure of your premises, such as around pipes, columns or machinery, by restricting access to it. Also used to protect traffic routes and walkways.

Corner Protection Hoops – Suitable for use in or out of doors, these are multi-purpose guards that protect column supports, machinery, stock and shelving. Durable, long lasting and able to absorb high impact blows to protect your property.

Floor Level Protection Barriers – Low rise, pedestrian friendly barriers which prevent collisions with small, potentially heavy transportation devices. Use to guard against damage to property or stock from roller containers, lift trucks, pallet transporters or trolleys.

Impact Protection Barrier Systems - A range of elements that co-ordinate to create a strong, modular protective barrier system. Perfect for shielding entrances, fire exits and equipment held on-site - and in segregating traffic from pedestrian walkways.

Steel Column Protectors – These keep columns, exposed pipework and various street posts from damage caused by motorised vehicles or other high impact collisions.

When purchasing these products remember to consider how they will be installed and fitted. A selection of fixing bolts and other supplies are available to ensure your barriers are held firmly in place.

Guard rails and bars really do come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever you need to protect, and wherever it is situated, there will be an option that suits your needs.

Barrier Rails for Other Uses

For further protection for your outside spaces, our traffic and car park safety barriers offer a range of different options. Also included are a selection of temporary, small-scale solutions that can be used in or outside of your premises as required.