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Fire Fighting Equipment

Need help? Need help? Grab the right workplace firefighting equipment Everything you need to fight fires and save lives, whatever your budget

You know that you need to equip your business premises with top-quality, UK standard fire fighting equipment. You will need to monitor, service and maintain your fire safety equipment, to ensure that it is in full working order. This is your responsibility and duty of care for your employees; it’s something you need to know inside and out.

However, you may have questions about which fire safety supplies you need, or how often you should check and replace fire fighting apparatus. Let’s take a look at exactly what fire safety supplies you need so that you can feel confident in the event of a fire emergency.

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Be Prepared for Fire Emergencies with Best-in-Class Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire is a serious hazard, both in the workplace and at home. Thankfully, it is also quite rare, but not as rare as you might imagine. According to UK Government statistics, Fire and Rescue Services were called out to over 180,000 fires in the year ending September 2018. The reason that few of these fires make national headlines is that many of them are minor, thanks to excellent fire safety practised in organisations where the importance of fire protection equipment and good fire safety practices are understood and carried out.

Why is fire safety equipment so important?

An essential part of your fire safety equipment is an adequate number of appropriate fire extinguishers. While the UK Fire Industry Association offers rough guidelines as to how many extinguishers you need, selecting the correct equipment for your business depends on the particular fire hazards within your building. As such, you will need to carry out a professional fire risk assessment to determine the exact requirements for your workplace.

Remember that different types of fire extinguishers are suitable for specific types of fire. You will use a different fire extinguisher on a paper or fabric fire than you would on an electrical fire, for example. Using the wrong piece of equipment could make the fire worse and cause serious harm, which is why it is vital to have the right fire fighting apparatus throughout the workplace. It also involves ensuring that staff are trained in the safe use of each piece of equipment. Be aware that fire blankets, fire hoses and Fire Buckets will be essential additions to your fire fighting equipment.

Essential fire safety equipment

While fire fighting equipment is important, there is more to fire protection equipment than extinguishers and Fire Blankets. Other fire safety supplies you need to invest in include detection systems, such as smoke alarms, warning systems, which may take the form of various types of Fire Alarm, sprinkler systems, and vitally, appropriate fire escape and fire safety signage throughout your premises, these can take the form of Fire Exit Signs (which are legally required) and Fire Safety Signs.

Depending on your business activities, you may also factor prevention measures into your fire safety equipment needs. If your workforce deals with flammable liquids, for example, a Spill Absorbent Powder to cover hazardous spills may be invaluable. It seems obvious, but make sure that all members of the workforce know where fire safety equipment is and how to use it safely and effectively. Regular training will ensure that your fire safety supplies are used to good effect in the event of a fire, or in the face of a potential fire hazard.

When are fire extinguisher cabinets required?

While your fire safety equipment should be distributed throughout your premises as needed, it is also possible to store it inside prominent Fire Cabinets in key areas, these can be used to store fire extinguisher or even documents, such as the Metal Fire Document Cabinet. Fire cabinets are particularly useful in external or industrial work areas, as they are completely weather proof and ensure that all equipment is protected yet still easily identified and accessed.

Lastly, remember to regularly check all fire fighting equipment, and other fire safety equipment. This is to ensure that it is in full working order, easily accessible, and still compliant with current regulations. Make fire safety part of your ongoing commitment to a safe workplace and guarantee employee safety today.