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Baby Changing Stations

Need help? Need help? More information on Baby Changing Stations When you run a business it is very important to make sure that all the facilities provided are adequate. It could be that you are in an industry where there are many visitors or customers, which means that you need to install baby changing facilities to cater for those needs.

Seton offer a range of high quality Baby Changing Stations which can be easily fitted to provide comfortable and safe nappy-changing provisions for those with babies. Whether within existing toilet facilities, or for dedicated baby changing rooms, you’ll find the stations you need to comply with regulations.

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When you are installing a Baby Changing Station you have a choice between Horizontal and Vertical Stations. The type you choose will depend a great deal on where you want to install the station and how much space you have available, so before you place an order it is advisable to carry out an assessment on your new baby changing area.

Check where you can best place the baby changing unit. Is there room without it blocking a sink? Will you need to create a space for it by removing a sink or a hand dryer? Taking measurements in advance will help to make this task a lot easier and the actual installation time will be reduced.


Health and safety is paramount when you are installing Baby Changing Stations, so it is helpful to know that all the fittings and instructions are included in any Seton product. Once in place, if they are properly cared for, you’ll find that they are highly durable and will last for a long time, ensuring that your organisation meets its obligations to visitors and workers.

Many of the baby changing units on offer at Seton can be folded down for use and then folded back up against the wall when they are not needed. The fixings that are necessary to install each baby changing station come with the unit when you purchase.

There is also a safety belt included with each station that prevents the baby from moving off the unit while it is being changed. With the Vertical Changing Unit there is a limit to the weight that it will hold as the unit is fitted to the wall at the narrow end rather than the wider side piece, but this is the equivalent to the weight of a larger adult, so there is no fear that a baby is going to be too big for the unit.

Additional Products

Make sure that locating your baby changing facilities is easy with our wide range of Cleaning & Washroom Signs which can be used in corridors and on doors. Other signs within the range encourage proper disposal of waste as well as promoting good hygiene practices.

You should also consider supplying additional items for those who are changing babies, such as Nappy Bins and Wet Wipes. These are essential items that are definitely needed in any baby changing area and, while some parents will bring their own nappy bags and wipes, others may have forgotten them.

If you are regularly receiving visitors with babies then it is a good idea to assess the demand for a baby changing area and see if there is any necessity for supplying these additional items.

Essential items you may need include Baby Changing Liners. These are disposable sheets that fit over the baby changing table. Liners help to form a barrier between the table and the baby, preventing the baby from coming into contact with any dirt. All of our Baby Changing Stations feature a dispenser that liners fit into and with several hundred in each pack they should last for some time.