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Fire Exit Keep Clear Signs

UK's Best - User-Rated "Fire Exit Keep Clear" Signs

It is a legal requirement that fire exits must be kept clear at all times to provide a safe route of passage during an emergency. Seton supplies a range of fire exit keep clear signs, some of which are multi-message signs, as well as fixings for the sturdy placement of signs, all of which comply with the appropriate UK health and safety guidelines and regulations. to find out more check out our buying guide.

Unexpected things can and do happen during fire drills and emergencies, and it is worth noting that by using a combination of signs, the potential for successful evacuation can be increased significantly.

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Keep Clear Fire Exit Signage: Buying Guide

Selecting a photoluminescent fire exit keep clear sign will ensure that in thick smoke or the event of power failure, the sign will be clearly seen by staff and visitors navigating the premises trying to find an escape route.

Our Xtra-Glo premium fire exit keep clear sign is particularly effective for areas where there can be poor light at times. This sign is a simple yet potentially lifesaving solution to the problems caused by the power cuts and thick smoke that can occur in the event of a fire; what’s more, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Constructed from thick, durable aluminium with a high-quality photoluminescent covering; the sign discharges effectively in low light. It will stay illuminated for more than 24 hours, and recharges under the power of normal light in just five minutes.

Further options in the range include a vandal-resistant fire exit keep clear sign made from exceptionally tough material that is resistant to naked flames, graffiti, sharp objects and weathering. It is a good idea to ensure that such a sign is securely fixed – our security fixing kit is ideal for this. Once fastened the screws cannot be undone with a conventional screwdriver, thereby any avoiding tampering with your sign.

Our fire exit keep clear banner sign is a large format banner made from durable PVC; it is ideal for use on construction sites and at large venues or outdoor events. Eyelets enable the sign to be simply secured with cable ties or specialist elastic banner ties, meaning that the sign is totally reusable.

Fire safety signs that display other information may also be required on your premises. By combining fire exit keep clear signs with those that display other information, such as a fire assembly point sign or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher instruction sign, any person discovering a fire will have all the relevant information they need to raise the alarm, fight the fire, and initiate an evacuation.

Safety signs should be permanently placed in an appropriate and prominent position on the workplace, which is why we have available a range of sign fixings for ensuring that your signs stay put. Permanent adhesive is a popular option for customers looking for a strong and reliable fixing as it makes it possible to affix rigid plastic signs without needing to drill holes in them or the walls. The adhesive is both weather and UV resistant, so damage from the elements is minimised. Furthermore, it is easily applied to damp and uneven surfaces, and has exceptional sealing qualities – so much so that it can also be reliably used as a sealant.

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