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Eye Wash Kits & Cabinets

Making sure your workplace environment is as health and safety conscious as possible can seem like a difficult proposition, but as long as you stick to the advice in your health and safety assessment, you shouldn’t go wrong. If your work environment includes hazards that could injure the eyes of your workers – for example in a factory, workshop or laboratory – then you should equip your workplace with not only the usual first aid supplies such as bandages and plasters, but also eye wash and emergency showers, possibly in the form of eye wash kits and cabinets. If you're not sure what we offer have a look at our buying guide

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Selecting An Eye Wash Cabinet Or Kit

If your workplace requires eye wash kits and cabinets we have a wide range of options on offer. Eye Wash Stations and cabinets are a great way forward when it comes to emergency eye care, as they take the stress out of storage of the eye wash and often provide you with instructions and signage so that workers are made aware of where exactly eye wash can be procured in the event of an eye related injury. This ease of access can save precious time in an emergency.

The 3D Eye Wash Bottle Stations, for example, can be wall mounted and are visible from all directions due to the station’s 3D proportions. They are specifically designed to be highly visible and easy to use in an emergency, and we have a choice of sizes, which means that no matter the size of your workplace, we should have a model that suits your needs. They can be mounted on walls, beams, or columns and ideally should be placed as close as possible to sites with the highest risk of an accident.

Other wall-mounted options include the Plum Saline Eye Wash Station with Mirror, which can be used with two Plum saline solution bottles and provides a mirror for ease of use by the person who has fallen victim to an eye injury. For workplaces where chemicals are present, the Quicksafe Wall Case for the Chemical Industry is the ideal option. The solutions included in this wall mounted case are designed to be used against alkaline and acid splashes, burns and bleeding and come with duo capped bottles so that if necessary both eyes can be treated at the same time. The wall case’s clear lid also ensures the solutions inside are clearly visible from a distance.

If you do not have the space for a wall mounted unit, or if you work in an environment where eye injuries are a possibility but you are often on the move, then you should consider investing in one of our eye wash cases. We have double and triple eye wash kits available, as well as Eye Wash, Sign and Poster Bundles, which are an economical way of ensuring you workplace is not only safe for its workers, but that the workers involved also have access to proper instructions and information when it comes to using the eye wash provided.

While our range of eye wash is an important investment for any workplaces where eye related injuries are a possibility, it is important to remember that the first line of offense is defence, which is why we also carry a wide range of workwear and PPE, including eye protection.