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Need help? Need help? Do I need a safe or a lockable cabinet? Safes are an effective way of keeping valuables secure while still allowing easy access when required.

While protecting your own money and valuables is important, it is even more vital to take care of any valuables that have been entrusted to you by clients. Failure to do so will cause considerable damage to your company’s reputation and could drive away future clientele. Our range of safes will provide secure storage to avoid this possibility.

For more information see our buying guide below.

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Security Safes: Buying Guide

An essential addition to any security system

Money, valuables and confidential documents can all prove a target for thieves, and in the bustle of a busy workplace, it is impossible to keep a sufficient guard over them at all times. Safes are a well-established method of protecting valuable items from thieves when they are needed to be kept on the premises. They make a worthwhile investment for businesses in many types of industry, including hospitality, leisure and retail and can also be used in a domestic setting. Whether to protect the valuables of the company, the staff or the clients, a safe is an effective but straightforward measure to keep these objects secure. For confidential documents we provide lockable cabinets, an effective alternative.

Store valuables confidently

As all business premises have different needs, there is a varied selection of safes in the range of secure storage products at Seton. All are made from tough materials such as steel, which will not only withstand intentional damage but also cope well with daily wear and tear to provide a long-term secure storage solution, all of the safes we supply come with fixing bolts to secure them to any surface required, this is not always a necessary step but to ensure the security of the safe itself it is something that must be considered. The smart but sturdy design of the safes allows them to fit in well in office environments.

Fire proof storage

Fire is another potential threat to valuables as, in an emergency it is unlikely that it will be possible to retrieve them. However, many of the safes that we supply are also fire retardant, keeping the valuables safe until the danger has passed. Our Fire Resistant Security Safes have a double walled construction and are available in a wide range of sizes to fit the space you have available.

Each safe has varied locking options. These include digital electronic locks, electrical combination locks and key locks. If you opt for a key lock, then you should consider that we stock a range of keyrings to help keep track of keys, we also supply a variety of key and padlock cabinets for easy key storage.

Create an easy security solution at work or home

Security and the need to protect valuable goods is an area of concern for most companies, as so many will have cash and other valuable items on the premises that will need protecting.

Providing well-made safes for your business, staff and clients will help inspire confidence in your company, proving that you take the security of valuables seriously. For you, there is also peace of mind that you will be unlikely to need to go to the expense and inconvenience of replacing stolen objects and cash and so can concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business. While security will always remain a concern, with products such as the safes from Seton, it is an issue that you can feel certain is well in hand.