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Need help? Need help? What Chain Post do I need? Built-to-Last Chain Posts Designed by the Safety Experts

Barriers are a useful safety precaution to restrict access to hazardous areas, but hazards are often temporary. In these circumstances, setting up chain posts is a quick and cost effective solution for visibly marking an area, protecting both people and assets. A chain post kit will cordon off areas in a matter of seconds.

Maintaining high safety standards is a necessity in today’s world. Failure to comply with regulations can result in serious consequences for companies, and leave both your workforce and visitors at risk. Seton provides a variety of safety products, including chain posts to make fulfilling your safety obligations a straightforward task. To find out more about using chain barriers in the workplace, whether a kit or components would work best for you and how to combine them with other safety solutions; check out our guide.

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Chain Barriers in the Workplace

A means of fencing off a temporary hazard is useful in any workplace. Whether it is needed for less than an hour to cordon off a slippery area after a spill, or longer to keep people away from an uneven floor until it can be repaired, chain posts come in handy time after time. When not required, chain post barriers are easily removed and take up very little storage space.

Chain posts have uses that go beyond just cordoning off a dangerous area, however. They can be used for crowd control or to protect vulnerable assets. Whatever your requirements, the chain posts at Seton are designed to provide an effective safety and security solution for years to come.

Post and Chain Barrier Components

As well as kits that offer everything needed to create a barrier in super quick time, our range also includes “a la carte” options to allow you to buy what you need now and extend the barrier when required.

Individual pieces include:
  • Chains

  • Bases, stands and posts

  • “S” rings

  • Reflective markers

Chains are constructed from durable materials such as Nylon and galvanised steel which will be more than able to withstand the rigors of daily industrial use. It is important to use chains specially manufactured for barriers. Standard chains will not be as easily seen as high visibility options and could cause accidents rather than prevent them.

Bases and posts are sturdy and not easily overturned. They can be supplied in a variety of materials suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in car parks, industrial warehouses and factories. Choose a standard or heavy duty model as appropriate for your applications.

Barrier Chains for Safety

For many companies, having the correct equipment in compliance with current UK and EU safety legislation can be a baffling business. However, chain posts are a very effective safety measure with a proven track record in keeping people safe. You can buy from Seton with confidence, knowing all of our security products comply with legislation.

To increase safety around temporary hazards, display hazard-warning signs.

We have an extensive range of floor stands that can be easily used in conjunction with chain posts to provide clear warnings about the hazards involved.

The sturdy and easily portable nature of chain posts will provide you with a barrier system that can be used as often as necessary, giving you peace of mind that you always have a system ready. Whether it is to protect assets or people, our chain posts provide a well-established protective measure, which can go a considerable way towards preventing accidents. For both employees and visitors to your company, well-made safety barriers such as chain posts provide the guidance necessary to ensure hazards and areas of restricted access are avoided and give a clear sign of how seriously you take their safety.

When might I need post and chain barrier fencing?

Chain posts are the perfect solution when a temporary hazard needs to be fenced off to ensure the safety of employees or the general public. Posts with chains are ideal for cordoning off anything from a small work area to a driving hazard such as a pothole. Chain posts can also be used to secure an area that has become dangerous because of weather conditions, such as ice and snow, or because of a chemical spill.

Do I always need additional signage to display with my chain posts?

Here at Seton, we have a variety of chain posts, many of which come in bright, bold colours designed to capture attention and make it very obvious that there is a hazard to be avoided. You can, however, greatly increase safety by also displaying a hazard warning stands or signs. This can alert people to the type of hazard involved and allow them to take further precautions in the area.

What are the best post and chains fencing options for my business?

This will depend on the type of situations you will be using them in, including the type and size of hazard you may need to secure. Here are a few of our popular chain and posts products that may be of use to you:

  • JSP® Plastic Post & Chain Barrier Kits — These plastic chain and posts, provided in kit form, are of high quality and very affordable. They are very visible and extremely sturdy, with heavy-duty bases and brightly coloured posts and chains. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

  • Economy Plastic Chain Post Kit — Plastic chain posts are light but robust, and this economy kit comes with five posts, 12.5 metres of chain, and nine plastic S-hook connectors. Bases are recycled PVC and give the posts a secure footing. Again, these posts with chains are suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Post with Reflective Ring — These strong and durable steel posts can be fitted with an optional reflective ring that the chain can pass through to create a clear and highly visible barrier. Ideal for the demarcation of external areas.

Here at Seton, we have a wide range of options when it comes to post and chains fencing. If you are not sure what you need, feel free to call us and ask our friendly experts for advice.