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Bulk Storage

Maximising work space can have a transformative impact on your business. Your employees will be more content, and they will be able to achieve higher levels of productivity. We offer various Bulk Storage products that will allow you to store items in tough and resilient pallets. These products are ideal for keeping work floors free from items, and they will make it much easier for you to run your warehouse efficiently. With a range of sizes, we have the right solution for you. You can mix these options with our storage boxes and containers for a more comprehensive storage system.

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Bulk Storage System: Buying Guide

Maximising space and storage can be a key driver for operational efficiency for modern businesses. The Folding Mesh Pallets can save floor space and ensure that loose goods and items are stored away so that employees can concentrate on the tasks at hand. The steel mesh construction with integral base is sturdy and reliable, and the drop gate allows anyone to throw or place items quickly and easily. There is also a bright zinc-plated finish that combats against erosion and ensures that this bulk storage solution looks professional in environments with a modern, bright décor.

The Folding Mesh Pallets are incredibly easy to set up, so employees won’t have to struggle with nuts and bolts to assemble a robust storing solution. It sits on four sturdy legs, so goods have a strong base, and its low profile means that it can be placed in areas with a low ceiling or roof. The mesh design is also great for airflow, so you won’t have to worry about any bacterial build-up and can store an assortment of different items without any undue worries or concerns.

The Bulk Storage products that we offer are part of our wider selection of storage and shelving options. You could, for example, use the Folding Mesh Pallets and Chrome Shelving for a comprehensive storage system in warehouses and industrial environments. Our extensive catalogue of products allows you to mix and match furniture and shelving to fit your environment and specific business needs. We also have Pallet Racking and storage bins for all of your inventory management requirements.

The Folding Mesh Pallets can be purchased in various sizes, so whether you have a large-scale, open-plan floor space or a compact, small bay, we have got an option that’s suitable for you. These pallets also fold flat when not in use, so you can stack and store them away for later use. This is arguably the best bulk storage solution that we offer as it is so flexible and easy to use. Containing loose goods will also improve your health and safety procedures as employees will be less likely to trip and fall over goods, which can lead to costs such as repairs, medical and travel expenses, compensation and productivity losses.

It is easy to see why businesses opt for the very best storage solutions. The cumulative impact on productivity for workplaces that prioritise safe and secure storage is substantial as goods and items will always be in the right place and employees will be able to access them exactly when they need them. All of our products are designed to make work tasks safe for everyone.

We recommend using the Folding Mesh Pallets with our Storage Cupboards and Cabinets for a more bespoke storage solution for your business. Use our filter options to find the products that you need to transform your day-to-day management activities.