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Enterprises in all industries need stable, strong and suitable ladders for work at height to ensure that they meet health and safety standards. We have a wide variety of ladders and accessories that will allow workers to complete their jobs efficiently. From simple step ladders to multipurpose combination ladders, all of our solutions are secure and long-lasting, giving you the peace of mind that employees will remain safe at all times when using them. Browse our category and discover different sizes, load capacities, number of steps and much more.

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0.7 x 410 x 88 mm(1)
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1.6 x 510 x 88 mm(1)
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1050 x 410 x 670 mm(1)
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1220 mm(1)
1240 x 550 x 830 mm(1)
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1280 x 720 x 260 mm(1)
1300 x 410 x 810 mm(1)
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1315 x 593 x 230 mm(1)
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1400 x 750 x 1300 mm(1)
1410 mm(1)
1440 x 580 x 1110 mm(1)
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1560 x 720 x 260 mm(1)
1600 x 660 x 230 mm(1)
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1690 mm(1)
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1700 x 780 x 1460 mm(1)
1705 x 612 x 1472 mm(1)
1710 x 830 x 1620 mm(1)
1750 mm(3)
1830 mm(1)
1840 mm(1)
1870 x 730 x 230 mm(1)
1880 mm(1)
1900 x 810 x 1620 mm(1)
2040 mm(1)
2100 x 840 x 1780 mm(1)
2110 mm(1)
2190 mm(1)
220 x 135 x 35 mm(1)
2200 mm(1)
2230 mm(1)
2280 x 920 x 2000 mm(1)
2300 mm(1)
2300 x 479 x 3200 x 90 mm(1)
2340 mm(1)
2400 mm(1)
2400 x 870 x 1940 mm(1)
2440 mm(1)
25 x 1200 x 25 mm(1)
25 x 400 x 25 mm(1)
25 x 600 x 25 mm(1)
250 x 225 x 40 mm(1)
2500 mm(1)
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2640 mm(1)
2650 mm(1)
2660 mm(1)
2790 mm(1)
2800 mm(1)
2800 x 930 x 2260 mm(1)
2900 mm(1)
2900 x 487 x 3800 x 97 mm(1)
2940 mm(1)
2960 mm(1)
3000 mm(1)
3050 mm(1)
3106 x 570 x 4267 x 152 mm(1)
3340 mm(1)
3500 mm(1)
3500 x 510 x 4400 x 112 mm(1)
3520 mm(1)
3540 mm(1)
3600 x 3100 x 165 mm(1)
38 x 1200 x 38 mm(1)
38 x 400 x 38 mm(1)
38 x 600 x 38 mm(1)
4.5 m(1)
4000 mm(1)
4080 mm(1)
4348 x 570 x 5486 x 152 mm(1)
4600 x 4100 x 220 mm(1)
5000 mm(1)
5590 x 570 x 6705 x 152 mm(1)
5600 x 5100 x 270 mm(1)
565 x 480 x 705 mm(1)
580 mm(2)
600 mm(1)
660 x 1030 mm(1)
6600 x 6100 x 325 mm(1)
6833 x 570 x 7924 x 152 mm(1)
700 x 1220 mm(1)
710 mm(1)

Multi Purpose Ladders: Buying Guide

Fibreglass ladders are resistant to elements such as electricity and fire, making them better for employees that need to work in more dangerous areas, such as near power lines or heavy-duty machinery. Fibreglass is durable and strong, so it won’t disintegrate over time, even when exposed to wet conditions and other adverse weather. We carry a range of premium fibreglass ladders. The Fibreglass Combination Ladders which are insulated against electrical current, are multipurpose, and have roller wheels for easy manoeuvrability around buildings, while the Telescopic Combination Ladders have a telescopic base for additional support on uneven surfaces. Both of these are multipurpose for use as a stepladder, extension ladder or extendable straight ladder.

The Fibreglass Podium Step Ladders and Glass Fibre Platform Steps have a much shorter range and are suitable for maintenance applications. The step ladders have sturdy work platforms and guard rails for added security, while the Podium Step Ladders can be rotated 360 degrees on a work platform to allow workers to change direction quickly and easily. The Fibreglass Ladders have slip-resistant traction-tread steps and a high-performance Holster Top that allows workers to store their paint, tools and equipment.

Working at height is an important health and safety consideration for employers, and you will need to conduct risk assessments to ensure that employees are safe to complete work on raised platforms and ladders, we offer risk assessment training DVDs to aid in enhancing the safety in your workplace. This is why selecting the right equipment is so important. You can trust us to deliver goods that will meet your health and safety obligations. We also offer access platforms if you need an alternative to our ladders and accessories.

For a truly versatile ladder, opt for the Little Giant Multi-Purpose Fibreglass Ladder, which has the functionality of five different ladders and a Tough Quad Lock hinge and wide legs for great stability. This sturdy product can take up to a 150kg work load capacity and is a truly versatile safety device. Height adjustment is important in ladders, and the Double Extension Ladders allow workers to reach greater heights with their hook-in and safety catch system. Meanwhile, the Heavy Duty Ladders are safe and secure with their thick and sturdy construction.

Using ladders safely is vital to employee health, so make sure that you check the area before completing a work task at height. Once you have done so, you can use the 4-Way Combi Ladder with its unique sliding mechanism for multipurpose climbing and professional use, or the 12-Way Combi Ladder, which is compact and can be folded away for simple storage and transportation.

We specialise in solutions for a safe workplace, so you can count on any of our ladders and accessories to contribute to the smooth running of your warehouses and other workspaces. Our other popular products include the Little Giant Revolution XE with its special alloy construction that reduces the weight significantly compared to other industrial-rated ladders. Several trademarked lock systems make this arguably the sturdiest ladder and scaffold solution available.

From Double-Frame Mobile Steps to Telesteps Telescopic Extension Ladders, we have an extensive selection of ladders and accessories available. We recommend using the search and filter functions to find the ladder that is best suited to your requirements. You can then browse our scaffold and tower systems and steps and stools sections for further safety solutions.

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