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Line Marking Tape & Stencils

Need help? Need help? Confused about line marking? Read our complete guide Instant straight lines – Line Marking Made Easy

Here at Seton, we know that you’re busy, so our aim is to make health and safety as simple as possible for you. Just one of the ways you can do your bit to ensure a safe work environment for your employees is by marking out potential hazards. Members of the public who may have access to your workplace also need protection from any dangers. Our versatile range of line marking equipment ensures a safe working environment for everyone, by marking out traffic areas, parking areas and keep clear zones.

We stock an extensive range of line marking tape and stencils to suit every business’s needs. Even if you have no experience using line marking equipment, our products are designed to be simple to use. So no need to hire out expensive contractors! For more information on choosing the right product for your job, check out our buying guide below.

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Line Marking Tape & Stencils: Buying Guide

Businesses often have a requirement to mark out certain areas, either to define traffic routes or warn employees to stay out of a particular prohibited location. So whether you require line marking tape for sports fields, car parks, or anything else, we offer a wide selection that are perfect for all these tasks. The products that we stock won’t let you down. However, if you’re not quite sure which one is right for you, read our handy guide below.

Which Line Marking Tape & Stencils Should I Choose?

If you want rapid results, then line marking tape may be the best option for you. Our thermoplastic line marking tape can be applied within minutes. All you have to do is simply position the tape where you want it then apply using a blowpipe.

To raise the awareness of potential hazards you can use our Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Tape. This heavy duty line marking tape can be used to create non-slip, effective and durable custom floor markings which will improve health and safety within the workplace. It resists harsh chemicals and can be easily removed without damaging the floor or leaving an adhesive residue. You can also use the line marking tape in sports halls or outdoors to highlight important safety equipment, mark aisles, passageways and much more.

Our Tape Applicator helps you to apply tape in straight lines or curves. Quickly and easily apply vinyl marking tape without having to bend down. The unique tension bar also allows pressure to be applied on the tape roller to ensure long-lasting adhesion to the floor.

For fast, permanent road markings that you can apply with a gas torch, then try the Flexiline Preformed Thermoplastic Road Markings - Lines. It produces exceptionally clean cut, permanent markings that can be driven over within minutes of application. Ideal for car parks, walkways, cycle lanes and new or reinstatement work on roads

In order to make sure your line markings are straight, consider using one of our stencils. Our reusable Straight Line Parking Stencil can be used to make parking bays and pedestrian crossings. It can also be used for warehouse and tennis court line marking.

Our Car Park Stencil Kit is ideal for use in car parks, warehouses and playgrounds. The durable polypropylene stencils are great for marking out areas and highlighting safety messages, whilst the comprehensive range of letter and number stencils are perfect for industrial and educational use. These stencils can also be reused once the paint has dried.

Alternatively, we also have Brady PaintStripe Line Marking Stencil which allows you to maintain a safe and organised work environment and can be used on smooth and rough surfaces. There’s no need to get the whole team involved either as this floor marking stencil can be used by one person working alone. We also supply Disabled Parking Bay Essential Kits that allow you to create crisp clear lines and letters.

Our OUT stencil kit raises the awareness of important road markings instantly. This stencil can be used indoors and outdoors and on floors or walls. Made from reusable polypropylene, simply wipe clean and use again once paint has dried. Ideal for car parks, factories or warehouses.

For further reading into line marking and general car park maintenance and safety, then why not check out our article on Top 10 Car Park Safety Considerations. If you want to learn more about surface repair, then our legislation watch article explains the rules and regulations regarding potholes and your responsibilities as a business for the safety of staff and visitors.