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Defibrillator Accessories

Need help? Need help? See which accessories would suit your AED requirements If after undertaking a health and safety assessment you plan on keeping a defibrillator on-site, you should consider investing in some defibrillator accessories. AED accessories mostly comprise storage solutions that can greatly help in keeping the defibrillator in a safe and secure compartment so that not only is it easy to reach when needed, but it is also at low risk of being tampered with in any way when in storage. We also have a wide variety of AED signs, which would be a wise addition to a recently purchased defibrillator so that workers and visitors know there is an AED on-site.

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Guide to AED Accessories

When deciding on the best way to store a defibrillator, we have an excellent range of products from which to choose. For example, the AED Defibrillator Wall Bracket works on a number of levels, as it not only keeps it safe and secure when not in use, it also ensures it is highly visible and easy to access in the event of an emergency. It is easy to fix to the wall and comes in a size that is suitable for use with most defibrillators – although you will want to be sure to measure your own device before purchase to ensure it fits properly.

Another option when it comes to AED storage is the Wall-Mount AED Defibrillator Cabinet. This cabinet, much like the Wall Bracket mentioned above, is also easy to fix to the wall and can provide easy access to the device, but also adds an extra layer of safety and security for when it is not in use. It comes with a toughened glass cabinet door and an in-built shelf that can be used for any other AED accessories you might have. It is also lockable, so only those with the key can access it and some models have an in-built alarm system.

If you have chosen to purchase a Lifepak defibrillator, you might be interested in the Wall Bracket for the Lifepak AED Defibrillator, which has been specifically designed for use with a Lifepak branded AED. This storage option also fits easily to a wall and allows for easy access and visibility so that workers are immediately aware where the AED is stored. For those who work in more than one location you might want to consider purchasing the Lifepak Hard Defibrillator Case. Its hard outer shell ensures the defibrillator is kept safe and secure inside, even when being transported from place to place. It is also water resistant. This product would be particularly useful for construction workers that move between sites regularly but want to keep a defibrillator with them.

However, it’s not just carry cases and cabinets that we have on offer when it comes to defibrillator accessories. We also have replacement items such as electrode pads and battery packs, as well as the useful AED Responder Kit that comes with all the essential equipment necessary to safely perform CPR, with a face mask, cleansing wipes, vinyl gloves, scissors and biohazard disposal bag all included in one small zip bag.

Defibrillators are not required by law to be fitted in workplaces, but they are a very sound investment, especially in larger offices or workplaces with higher health and safety risks present. And if you choose to keep a defibrillator on-site, then the chances are you might also need some defibrillator accessories to help keep it safe and secure. Before purchasing your own defibrillator accessories it is crucial you read through our Automated External Defibrillator- AED guide which will make sure you know everything about the life saving equipment.