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Drum Pallets & Trays

Secondary containment such as sump pallets and trays are an integral part of drum storage. By holding accidental leaks and spills they prevent harmful liquids from coming into contact with surfaces, other chemicals and members of your workforce. Rather than spreading, substances are caught and secured beneath the drum until they can be safely cleaned away. This is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective and limits the waste created by a leaking drum. Secondary containment is often required by law and all of our spill pallets are compliant with UK guidelines for substance storage and handling.

To find out which product is best for you, our helpful guide to spill pallets and solutions for larger areas is indispensable.

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Spill Pallets – Need to Know Information

If a leak or spill from a drum containing a hazardous substance occurs on your site the ramifications can be serious and far reaching. Not only is there a risk of injury and damage to premises, there is also a chance of cross-contamination and environmental pollution. Because of this, there are several strict government rules regarding the storage of drums in the workplace. A large part of this involves preventing accidental discharges from spreading by using spill containment equipment such as sump pallets and drip trays.

When choosing the amount of secondary containment you require, remember to take into account the range of substances you store. Liquids that could potentially be harmful if mixed must not be placed together.

To be certain you are meeting your legal requirements Seton are able to supply a wide range of spill containment items, ranging from small trays suitable for use whilst working to large sump pallets that can hold several drums at once.

For containers or bottles up to around 25ltrs in size, spill trays can be used to catch any leaks. For a similar solution for larger containers, there are also several intermediate bulk container spill pallets available.

Be sure you have enough absorbent materials in stock to deal with both keeping secondary containment items such as trays and pallets clean and controlling accidental spills.

Sump Provision for Larger Spaces

If you have a large space that requires secondary containment protection there are several items that can be used. Spill decks have a low rise and can be easily attached together to create runs of sump provision. This can be particularly useful for areas where chemicals or oil are worked with, as their slim design does not take up as much space. When placed under taps they make superb drip trays.

Another option is to utilise sump flooring. This can be supplied in a choice of sizes which can then be combined to fill any area, providing flexible containment wherever it might be required. Optional handrails and ramps can be supplied for additional safety. One of the big perks of a modular system such as this is the ability to prevent leaked materials from mixing as drums holding one type of liquid can be stored on one section and those containing something different can be placed on another.

Are you taking the right precautions with your chemicals and storage?

Instantly get to grips with your responsibilities and the law in our easy to use What is COSHH and COSHH Assessment guides.