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Indoor Recycling Bins

Need help? Need help? How colour coding can make recycling simple Recycling Bins are essential for environmentally sound waste management. It is important to encourage and facilitate waste separation, and we have an exciting range of solutions available for your business. Refuse is produced at many widely varying points in a place of work, whether it is an office, commercial, clinical, hospitality, school or industrial setting. Collecting sorted waste need not be complicated and difficult when people are given simple options to separate items of waste. Simply put a selection of recycling bins that are appropriate for that area in positions that are easy to reach, and recycling will be a painless process.

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Recycling in the Office

When it comes to organising waste separation, there are various ways to go about it. You can install either a ready-made recycling station, use colour-coded lids with recycling labels, or place lids with specific-shaped openings on a group of bins nested together. Some containers are ordered with multi-shape options in the lid for collecting two kinds of litter.

Waste can be placed easily into an open-top bin, and these items tend to be well priced. The colour or graphics on the opening will explain what is being collected. Options include the “Standard Recycle Bin,” “Recycling Bins” and “Economy Recycling Bins.” In some cases, the lid price is separate.

When it comes to bins with lids, there is a variety of shaped openings on a colour-coded lid. For example, a colour-coded lid with a paper slot can be placed near a copier in an office environment, and the shape of its opening will discourage non-paper use. Labels on the lid or a coloured bin liner sack will also give visual clues as to what is being sorted.

Sometimes, a combination-lid is a good option – for example, the standard envirobin. These have a good choice of specific openings to separate waste, and the cup bin option features a collection point for liquids. In this range, the “confidential paper” collection lid comes complete with lock, as it does for the mini envirobin. For areas with a high use of plastic cups, you could use a specific cup bin that has slots inside to stack cups efficiently.

When it is more appropriate to have a closing lid, the recycling centre bin is a unit that has a lightly sprung flap, while the clear recycling bin has a foot pedal. It also comes with a removable body for ease of emptying. Other options include push button recycling bins and several lift-top types of bin. A great feature of the recycling centre bin is that it can be ordered with an optional metal liner.

You will find most lid options come with graphics or a selection of labels to attach. There could be a recycling sign put up nearby, since it is important that there be no confusion about what goes where – otherwise any recycling efforts will be compromised because of mixed waste.

The use of bins with wheels, or those that can be placed on trolleys will make collection and transport easier. To keep and move them together, the various trolleys each have options for linking them together. If there is limited space, use Stackable Recycle Boxes, which can also have wheels fitted, or a narrow bin such as those in the “Rubbermaid Slim Jim” range or the “Push Button” range.

With the options available, it is a simple matter to create a recycling bank by grouping a series of bins or even simple sack holders together. Specific lids or stickers show what is being collected. It is simple to install the large, ready-designed “Rubbermaid Recycling Station.”

Skipper bin units are versatile and may be wall mounted, suction mounted, cord mounted to a pillar or pole, or even added to a barrier cone for ease of use. This means that you would have the ability to collect separated waste at any chosen point on the site. All types of Sackholders can be an effective device for recycling, and may be used with either clear or coloured sacks.