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Secure Storage

Need help? Need help? How to keep documents safe? Your business may have a requirement for secure storage facilities for a number of reasons. You may have sensitive information that, if lost or stolen, could result in a loss of profit and a loss of customer trust. Many construction, industrial and retail work places have valuable equipment that is used on-site and is a target for thieves. Some businesses may use flammable liquids or hazardous substances that require secure storage in order to protect employees and in some cases the general public, as well as comply with health and safety regulations.

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Document and Valuables Storage

There are few businesses that do not require Secure Storage, whether it is for sensitive documents or for expensive equipment. If cash is handled on-site, it may not be possible to go to the bank every working day, so they will require a secure place to hold the cash. Deposit Safes are the ideal solution for storing small amounts of cash and valuables. They have an insurance rating that indicates the value of the cash or valuables that may be stored in them. A safe’s cash rating tells the user the amount an insurer will cover if the cash is kept in the safe. For example, you may find that an insurer will only cover you for up to £500 if the cash is not kept in a safe, but up to £5,000 when it is in a safe.

Secure Safes

When purchasing a safe, you need to ensure that it has a certificate that is recognised by your insurance company. The deposit safe is made from robust steel and is available with either a drawer or a rotary deposit system. For the drawer deposit system, the front drawer permits the contents to drop into the cabinet when the drawer is closed. This type of system is ideal for envelopes, cash bags, change or large wallets. There is a safe lock on the draw and the door, as well as three-way bolt work. The rotary deposit system is ideal for bags of change and large bunches of keys. It has an opening that is sprung-returned so that the drum always closes, a safe lock with two keys and a steel plate body and drum. The door can be accessed through 180 degrees. These safes have been independently tested to be able to withstand burglary attempts.

Protecting valuables from theft is important, but fire can also cause the loss of valuable information, which can significantly impact a business. Loss of customer records or contracts in a fire can have a devastating effect, and it can take a long time before the business recovers. Sun Fire-Resistant Filing Cabinets can protect your valuable documents from both theft and fire. The cabinets have been tested to withstand over 1,000 degrees centigrade. Each drawer in the cabinet has its own protection and may be operated independently. The draws are large enough to hold A4 and foolscap files. The filing cabinets have a cylinder key lock that comes with two keys. There is a data box available separately for the two-drawer unit. Fire resistant cabinets are ideal for protecting legal documents, large amounts of paper and computer data.

Document Transport and Storage

Security is not just an issue when documents are held on-site; it is also an issue if documents must be transported. Envopak Re-Usable Security Bags are perfect for those occurences. These tamper-evident bags may be reused time and again. Having a re-usable security bag cuts costs and wastage, as there is less packaging. The bags are designed to be used with Tamper Evident Seals, which make it immediately obvious to the receiver if the bags have been tampered with whilst in transit. The bags may be used for a wide range of applications and are suitable for transporting folders or documents. The bags can be customised by using standard sized business cards inside the window. These robust bags are a low-cost solution to the secure transport of folders or documents.

Tamper-Evident Seals are used with security bags to ensure the integrity of the bag’s contents and may be used with all Envopak bags. The seals are quick and easy to install, as they simply snap into the zip to seal the bag. Once in place, the bag can only be opened by breaking the seal, thus making it obvious if anyone has tried to gain access to the contents of the bag other than authorised personnel.


I need to transport documents securely. What is an efficient yet cost-effective way of doing this?

Envopak Re-Usable Security Bags are ideal for this type of application. The bags come with tamper-evident seals that have to be broken to obtain access to the bag.

At our workplace, we store documents that we need to be both secure and protected from incidents such as fires. What do you suggest?

Sun Fire-Resistant Cabinets will keep your documents safe and prevent fire damage.

What is a safe’s cash rating?

The cash rating of a safe is the amount of money that may be stored in the safe that an insurance company will cover.

On our site, we need somewhere secure for workers to drop off keys when no-one is in reception. What is available?

Deposit Safes may be used both for holding cash and as a drop-off for keys.