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Car Park Permits

Unauthorised parking can be a problem for many businesses, but it can be tricky to tackle. It’s is not always easy to know which cars are authorised to park on your site and which are not. Car park permits are a simple system that allows for straightforward identification of the vehicles that do have permission to park on your premises.

An overly-congested car park is an inconvenience that can lead to accidents. Under safety legislation, it is important to reduce hazards by tackling problems like unapproved parking head on. Using car park permits that can be quickly and easily displayed is a simple and cost-effective solution that allows you to fulfil your obligations. Our parking permits buying guide explains more about how protecting your car park from unauthorised users can also increase safety.

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Parking Permits as Part of Your Traffic Management System

The problems caused by unauthorised parking are many and can result in a loss of efficiency if employees struggle to find a parking place when they arrive on your premises. Seton has a selection of car park permits that can be given to staff and authorised visitors to indicate they have permission to park, so identifying unapproved vehicles is a straightforward task. Permits are particularly useful for workplaces with smaller car parks or a restricted number of spaces.

There are several car park permit types available, so you can choose one that best suits your requirements. These include permits for hanging over a mirror as well as those that will cling or are self-adhesive for fixing to a windscreen. All options feature clear writing and/or space for users to supply information, such as date or car registration number.

As well as car park permits, there are also ways to label an unauthorised vehicle, reminding them of the consequences of unauthorised parking, such as towing and wheel clamping.

There is plenty of choice when selecting parking permits, but if you would like yours to include special information such as a company name or other message, choose one of our custom permits that can be tailored to your specification. These can be numbered consecutively from any starting point and supplied in hanging or self-cling formats.

Using Car Park Permits to Increase Safety

Preventing unauthorised parking is a part of your traffic management strategy and will help prevent inconvenience and accidents. We offer a comprehensive selection of products that can be used in conjunction with our car park permits to increase safety in your outside spaces. Parking restriction signs will clearly mark areas where parking is prohibited or limited to authorised personnel and parking bay signs can be used to indicate where it is permissible to park. Folding or drop down bollards can be positioned so that they block spaces for drivers who don’t have permission to park, but can be removed for those that do.

Seton is proud of its motto ‘safety made easy’ and strives to take a lot of the hard work out of safety strategies. Select car park permits and other traffic management products from our range with confidence, knowing they will comply with the current UK and EU health and safety regulations.

An effective traffic management system will increase safety on your premises and allow vehicles to move smoothly around the site. To reduce the number of unauthorised vehicles parked on your premises, car park permits are a useful part of your strategy. They carry a small price tag but can have a significant impact on the ease of parking for your authorised staff and visitors. Make sure your car park is safe by taking a look at our 'Top 10 Car Park Safety Considerations' today.