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Medical Tape

Need help? Need help? Get the right medical tape every time Easy-to-Apply UK Medical Tape with Fast Delivery

When stocking either your first aid kit, or first aid room it’s important not to forget the smaller items and surgical tape might be overlooked. Keeping a thoroughly stocked first aid kit in the event of an injury or accident is one of the main ways you can ensure your workers are protected in the workplace, along with ensuring you’re adhering to the Health and Safety Executive regulations, and this includes keeping surgical tape in your first aid kit or first aid room. Specially designed medical tape is strong enough to hold bandages and dressings in place, whilst causing minimal pain when removed. Our range of tapes includes microporous tape, waterproof tape and blue detectable washproof tape, which is perfect for use in food preparation areas.

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Choosing First Aid Tape

Keeping a stock of surgical tape at hand is important because several types of bandages and dressings cannot be applied to an injured party without the use of tape. This is why we carry a varied range of surgical tapes so that it is easy for you to keep your first aid kit or first aid room stocked with just the right tape for the situation. One popular form of surgical tape used in general first aid kits such as those found in offices and other workplaces is Microporous Tape.

Microporous Tape is versatile and easy to use. Made of paper, this non-woven tape is easy to tear by hand, so you do not need scissors in order to use it. This is important in certain situations where scissors are not available or simply not to hand when a dressing or bandage needs to be applied as quickly as possible. The material is also breathable, which helps wounds to heal more quickly, as well as being suitable for sensitive skin, and even though the adhesive qualities of microporous tape are very good, it is just as easy to remove when it is required to do so. This is a great feature, as it means the injured person doesn’t have to go through any unnecessary pain or discomfort when the bandage or dressing is removed.

For even easier access, there’s always the Microporous Tape with Dispenser that would be a great addition to any first aid room; the dispenser can be used repeatedly with replacement microporous tape also available. We have several choices when it comes to surgical tapes, including those that are best used in food preparation or medical environments. They are suitable for sensitive skin and are low-allergy, ensuring that they can be used on almost anyone without irritating the skin or causing allergy flare-ups. This surgical tape should be used when applying bandages or dressings that aren’t self-adhesive, and due to its special adhesive hold, it adheres well to skin without pain or damage upon removal.

Keep your first aid kit fully stocked with everything a safe workplace needs by making sure surgical tape is included alongside bandages and dressings. Rather than being an added extra, surgical tape is an absolute necessity when it comes to applying non-self adhesive bandages and dressings and could make all the difference should a worker or visitor have an accident or injury while in the workplace. These small items are just as important as the big ones and should be replaced once used, so make sure your first aid kit is as well equipped and fully stocked as possible to treat injured employees by including surgical tape.

Medical Tape FAQs

Do I need medical tape?

All workplaces, no matter how small, are required to have a first aid box according to the HSE. Larger workplaces that have more significant health and safety risks and hazards require additional first aid measures to be taken, including having a trained first-aider and ample first aid supplies.

It can be difficult to determine exactly what first aid materials are needed, and in what quantity, so the HSE has a series of helpful guidelines on how to properly perform a risk assessment and design and fill a workplace’s first aid kit. Surgical tapes are extremely effective for holding dressings and providing wound care and, as a result, are an integral part of every first aid kit.

What are the different kinds of medical tape?

There are a number of different kinds of tape for medical needs and uses including medical tape for injuries, medical tape for sports injury, surgical tape, and medical tape for sore muscles. Seton offers two different kinds of effective medical tapes – the Surgical Tape and the Microporous Tape.

Seton’s Surgical Tape is a waterproof, fabric tape with a low-allergy adhesive, so it is perfect for sensitive skin types. The tape is great for holding dressings firmly in place, but its adhesive is gentle to the skin when it is removed.

The Microporous Tape Seton offers is made from non-woven paper. This tape can be torn by hand to allow for easy application, and it is also great for sensitive skin types. The tape’s microporous material allows the skin to breathe and as a result aids in faster healing.

Both of these tapes are great for minor injuries or holding wound dressing in place and make a great medical tape for back pain or medical tape for shoulder pain in the event of minor back or shoulder lacerations, cuts or other injuries.

Where should medical tape be kept?

In the event of an emergency or injury in the workplace, it is important that all employees know where the first aid supplies are kept, and that the first aid supplies are well stocked. Medical tape should be kept in a first aid kit or box, or in a medical room. Seton also offers Microporous Tapes with Dispenser which makes the tape easy to store and use when needed. This dispenser also keeps the tape in place, so it is easy to use in an emergency. When placing medical tapes in the workplace, it is important that the first aiders in the workplace are properly trained on how to use them.