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Dust Masks

Need help? Need help? What are the benefits of disposable dust masks? Dust Masks protect workers against airborne particles, and are an important part of workplace safety, particularly on construction sites and in workshops. We provide a large choice of products, so it could be easier than you think to find what you’re looking for. Take a look at our full range of items below or our buying guide.

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Choosing A Dust Mask

Dust masks will stop people from breathing in particulates in the air, therefore ensuring that pollutants do not affect them. They are a practical solution where there may be risks to respiratory health. The masks have a range of features that include filter materials and exhalation valves.

Disposable dust masks are a great option in a workplace where there may not be hazards all the time. The JSP 111 FFP1 Disposable Dust Mask is designed to deal with fine dust or mists that are water or oil based. If your workers are doing any cutting, drilling or sanding, then this mask will prevent the particles from entering the respiratory system. These masks comply with the latest health and safety regulations. The masks feature a pliable nose strip so that it can be moulded to the shape of the nose, ensuring a tight seal.

Disposable respirators are another option. The 3M 4000 Series respirators come ready to use and have a design that has a low profile so that it does not interfere with vision when it is being used. It is also better for comfort and safety. The lightweight masks are balanced, so they can be worn for long periods of time. The filters are pre-assembled and easy to use, so they can be used by all members of staff and even visitors.

As with many of the disposable respirators, there is a range of filters that can be used with the respirators. Fibres in the air, fine toxic dust, water-based mist, organic gases and vapours can all be protected against with one of the filters. While the respirators are disposable, they can be used on more than one occasion. They can be used until they become clogged or damaged. You can also use them until the gas filters are saturated. They are a good option financially, and they are among the most comfortable to wear.

Respiratory protection has a number of comfort features, including a neck strap and a head cradle to ensure that they are well-fitted. The materials used are soft and non-allergenic, and they are all designed to meet with current health and safety regulations.

The 3M K100 FFP3 Folding Respirator Masks are designed to hold their shape, and there are three different levels of dust protection available. FFP2 protection is perfect for those who are working as plasterers or dealing with cement, but there is also FFP3 protection, which deals with environments that have high levels of fine dust. This higher level is usually reserved for people who handle dangerous powders.

Respiratory problems are very hard to recover from completely, and there are many cases of people who have spent years working with pollutants who have then become ill in later life as a result. Simple PPE can help to prevent this situation from occurring, and dust masks are the first step. Preventing workers or visitors from breathing in damaging substances is an essential part of health and safety legislation, and you can comply easily by using filters and masks.

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