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Wear PPE Signs

Need help? Need help? Where to put your PPE signage Highly-Visible UK “Wear PPE” Signs by the Safety Experts

PPE is only useful if it is being worn. Therefore, reminding people to wear PPE in the workplace is of huge importance, especially during COVID-19. Seton has a full range of vibrant, eye-catching Wear PPE signage – including coronavirus-specific signs – reminding employees and visitors to wear their PPE before entering an area. They help to ensure workplace safety, while protecting employer liabilities.

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Wear PPE signs buying guide

In workplaces where personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential, it has always been important for employers to include proper signage instructing employees and visitors to wear PPE while on site. Nowadays, during the pandemic, the wearing of PPE plays an extremely important role in the protection of the public in general, not just in specific workplaces. All employers must now take additional precautions to ensure that workers, visitors, and customers are all respecting the latest PPE safety measures, such as wearing masks, gloves, or faceshields. It’s almost important to provide instructions on PPE wherever possible. Seton has created a new range of Wear PPE signs and more instructive signs, such as ‘proper way to wear a face mask’ signage specifically to address these precautions during COVID-19.

COVID-19 Wear PPE signs

Seton offers a full range of COVID-19 specific personal protective equipment signs, including the following:

Along with these generally applicable signs, Seton has created a range of more specific COVID-19 related signage, including signs which mandate wearing a face covering on public transport, and signs for work spaces which read “Do Not Share Equipment or PPE”.

Hospitals are also, of course, hugely important areas for PPE use. Some may wonder, “why wear PPE in hospital?” when they are already frequently cleaned. Research consistently shows that the wearing of PPE helps to prevent transmission between workers, patients and visitors, making it a crucial safety precaution in hospitals, given that close contact is often unavoidable between workers and COVID-19 patients, or people at risk. Seton has a number of suitable PPE signage for hospitals, including helpful anti-slip floor signs which remind workers and visitors to use face shields and other PPE before entering.

Other options for face covering signs

Seton offers a range of face covering signs and wear PPE signs for industrial environments where PPE is always necessary. For those workplaces, Seton offers ‘must wear a face mask’ signage to remind employees to wear face coverings, signs which instruct employees to wear PPE at all times, use respiratory protection, and wear protective aprons, clothing, or masks. Seton also has a number of instructional signs, including how to wear gloves, how to fit a respirator, how to wear a mask properly and how to wear a face shield.

Choosing the right type of Wear Safety Equipment (PPE) signs

There are a number of different kinds of wear PPE signs available; you may find that your worksite requires a variety of PPE notices and signs to best inform employees and visitors to the premises. Many employees or visitors may be wondering “should I wear PPE?” and may not realise how important it is to wear the correct safety equipment, both for themselves and for others.

In addition to traditional signs, posters, and stickers, Seton offers alternative types of personal protective equipment signs:

  • Mats, such as PPE Must Be Worn, are ideal for large worksites or industrial workplaces where workers may not see posters or signs on the wall. These eye-catching mats serve as easily recognisable reminders to wear PPE and also, due to their 100% nitrile rubber backing, remain in place and are not tripping hazards.

  • Floor strips, like Seton’s Faceshields Required and Face Protection Required are also great face covering signs for businesses such as indoor factories, industrial areas, and large worksites where regular signs and posters may not be visible. These heavy-duty strips are printed on durable, anti-slip overlaminate which can be affixed to most surfaces including concrete, steel, tile, and asphalt.

  • Safety zoning marking kits, which instruct visitors to wash hands or wear PPE, are great for reminding visitors and employees of the safety precautions they need to take before opening the door and entering the area. The kits include marking to draw attention to the door, along with signs which should be affixed in front of the door for maximal visibility.

These are just a selection of the many Wear PPE Signs that you can purchase from Seton, both for COVID-19-specific situations and for industrial, manufacturing, or construction worksites.


Do I need ‘Wear PPE’ signs?

You have a duty of care to your employees while they are on your site. So, you need to provide signage to remind employees to wear the correct PPE in your workplace should they regularly handle hazardous or infectious materials.

Since COVID-19, it’s important for all workplaces and shops to provide ‘wear a mask’ signage, to remind both customers and employees to use face coverings.

Where can I get free ‘wear a mask’ signage?

We understand the need to provide proper signage to remind employees and visitors to wear PPE, that’s why at Seton we have a range of affordable signage for your needs.

It may be tempting to find free or printable ‘wear a mask’ signage, however these signs won’t last long and may leave you liable for any accidents that occur as a result. Our ‘Wear PPE’ and ‘COVID-19 Wear a mask’ signs are designed to last, both indoors and outdoors, built with sturdy materials and printed to be clear and eye-catching.