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Chemical Spill Kits & Refills

Need help? Need help? What's in the box? chemical spill kit checklist User-Rated Spill Kits for Chemicals and Laboratories

Workplace spills and leaks are always a source of potential danger and risk, but chemical spills are especially hazardous. We have a full range of highly sorbent materials specifically made for chemical spills and convenient spill kits for chemicals in varying sizes.

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Chemical Spill Kits and Refills Buying Guide

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a spill kit for hazardous chemicals. A few of the most important considerations are size, placement and type of chemical spill kits.

After completing a full risk and hazard assessment of your worksite or laboratory, as per the HSE guidelines, you will have a good sense of the kind of spill kits you need and where they should be installed.

If your worksite has the potential for a large chemical leak, you can invest in our impressive Chemical Overpack Drum Spill Kits or Chemical Mobile Container Spill Kits. Depending on the size and layout of the worksite, you may also need a chemical spill kit that can be easily taken from one location to another in the event of an emergency.

In such situations, Seton’s Chemical Economy Wheeled Spill Kit or 5 gallon chemical spill kit are perfect for small-scale spills and leaks, and for large leaks or worksites with the potential for a large leak, the Chemical Mobile Trolley Spill Kits and Chemical Spill Trucks are perfect for a fast-acting, effective response.

Depending on the specific needs of your worksite, you may also need more of one sorbent material than another, or you may find that you have run out of sorbent pads, pillows or socs. We have a comprehensive range of refills for you to choose from to replenish your chemical sorbent stock and ensure the safety of your workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are chemical spill kit contents?

While each kit has its own chemical spill kit contents list, there are a few sorbent materials that you will find in every kit. Below are a few of the most common and important chemical spill kit contents:

  • Chemical Sorbent Pads are designed to absorb a range of hazardous chemicals, acids and caustics.

  • Chemical Sorbent Socs & Flexisocs are long, tubular sorbents that can be placed around machinery, or around a spill, to prevent the spill from spreading. These socs come in a variety of lengths to suit different needs, and they are made of filler that absorbs aggressive chemicals and acids.

  • Chemical Sorbent Pillows are ideal for absorbing chemicals, acids and bases in hard-to-reach places such as underneath machinery. These pillows are coloured green for easy identification and can also be used as additional protection for chemicals during transportation.

  • Many of our chemical spill response kits come with basic PPE such as gloves, goggles and disposal bags. The PPE varies according to the kits, and it is essential to have full chemical PPE on hand in worksites where chemicals are used.

  • Many of our kits also have chemical spill kit instructions, which provide basic guidance on what to do in the event of a chemical spill. Of course, it is also essential that employees working with chemicals are properly trained on safety procedures and emergency response.

What kind of spill kits for chemicals do I need?

Depending on the specific needs of your worksite or laboratory, you may be wondering if you need a chemical-specific spill kit in the laboratory, such as acid spill kits, formaldehyde spill kits, mercury spill kits or a battery spill kit.

However, you should know that most of the chemical spill kits we offer will absorb most chemical spills, with some variation. For example, our Chemical Mobile Container Spill Kits are best for aqueous chemicals and water spills, whereas Seton’s Chemical Spill Truck is great for hazardous and aggressive chemicals.

When selecting chemical spill kits for your premises, make sure to consider the nature of the chemicals present at your worksite.

Why is it that chemical spill kits are colour coded?

Our spill kits for hazardous chemicals are contained in bright yellow boxes, bags, wheeled bins and drums for easy, instant identification. This chemical spill kit colour is vibrant and attracts attention so that in the event of an emergency, employees will know where to look for spill control supplies.

Aside from the exterior colour of the kits, our chemical sorbents such as the Chemical Sorbent Pads and the Chemical Sorbent Rolls are coloured green so that they can be easily identified as chemical sorbents and used accordingly.