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Lockout Storage

Need help? Need help? Where should I place lockout storage? When you have everything required to fulfil an effective lockout procedure, the next logical step is to find a suitable place to store all of the equipment. To that end we offer a range of lockout storage options, designed to hold all of your lockout paraphernalia.

Storing your equipment in an easy to access lockout container ensures that when it comes time to carry out your lockout procedure everything is where you need it. You will have peace of mind that your lockout processes will be carried out with ease and efficiency.

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Lockout Storage Solutions

Lockout boxes are used to store padlocks and keys, ideal for use by multiple employees, all authorised people working on the lockout procedure should have an individual padlock. This should be stored in a dedicated box when not in use. Our specially designed lockout boxes give you plenty of storage options, some can even be wall mounted which is ideal for displaying the padlocks prominently as you want them as easy to access as possible.

Other boxes give you portable options when it comes to the security of the safety padlocks and other lockout equipment. If you have large machinery in a space that has not got any close by shelf or wall space these portable units are ideal, they can be kept in secure locations and used as needed.

Our lockout bags are great for transporting lockout equipment, whether you are demonstrating how the devices work or have decided to add portability to your procedures, these bags allow you to have lockout equipment where and when you need it most.

When considering how best to organise and store the safety padlocks and other security equipment for your lockout devices, group lockout boxes give you a secure place to hold your padlocks when not in use.

Storing these in a separate container ensures that there will be no unauthorised access to machinery when it is locked out. They can even be used to store the keys to these padlocks when they are in use, and ensure that the lockout devices stay in place with no chance of tampering or unauthorised access. The boxes are designed for a variety of storage options and can also be used to store lockout devices themselves.

All of the boxes are supplied with a high visibility colour coating, making them easy to identify and ensuring that they are recognisable in an instant. The top priority when choosing and displaying your cabinet, box or bag is to ensure that access is guaranteed for all employees when needed.

Make sure that each storage solution is in an easily accessible location and in a highly visible area. Make it convenient as possible to use lockout devices and padlocks rather than a hassle.

Finding the Ideal Placement

At each specialised location of lockout boxes, ensure they are stocked with devices specific to the machinery or equipment they are near. Place electrical circuit breaker lockout devices next to the main transformer or electrical power point at your workplace, for example.

Make it easy for authorised employees to communicate with operators and any other employees necessary that a lockout procedure is going to be performed; keeping everything within easy reach makes this process more efficient and effective.

Every building is different, every warehouse will have different locations for machinery, some more well thought out than others.

When deciding the best place to put your lockout storage the first step should be to consult your lockout process itself, the procedures that you have put in place will be useful as a guide to deciding where the most efficient placement of these indispensible items will be.


How many Lockout bags and boxes do I need?

This depends on how many authorised people are involved in carrying out your lockout programme. If there is a specific team then your needs will be quite low. If however every employee is trained in lockout procedures then you will need to ensure that the equipment is easy to access throughout your workplace.

How many padlocks can I store in each box?

There are many options to choose from that will fit virtually any amount needed. Peruse our wide range to see what suits your needs best. Many of our safety padlocks come in multiple packs and you should consider the safe storage of these items when acquiring them.

Should I use boxes or bags for general lockout storage?

This depends on your site and the security processes that you have in place. For the storage of padlocks and smaller items the boxes are ideal, the bags should be used for transport of lockout devices but can also be used for storage if necessary. For a more robust option for storing lockout devices we have a wide range of lockout stations.