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Storage is an issue that affects all types of businesses, and finding the right shelving products to fit your space and practices can be key to ensuring smooth business operations. Workplace shelving comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs with office and industrial shelving solutions on offer to fit different workspaces and operations. Check out our range of shelving, which includes designs in a range of materials and sizes to cater to the unique needs of your business. Our shelving units can be used in conjunction with other office and industrial storage solutions to create a tailored space that works well with your business.

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Shelving Systems: Buying Guide

Whether you are looking for shelving for use in an office, domestic work space or seeking industrial shelving for a shop floor or factory space we will have the solution for you. Perhaps you are simply looking for a better storage solution for warehouse stock; here at Seton we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of designs to fit the various needs of business buyers.

Our shelving range incorporates an extensive selection of shelving units, in diverse designs and materials.

Choose from our selection of general purpose or heavy duty shelving for your stock rooms and industrial storage. We have a wide range of shelving options and are confident you will find something to suit your need. Our Premier Steel Shelving is an ideal choice, a multi-purpose design for your storage requirements, delivering simple assembly and robust construction.

Our range of industrial shelving units includes those that have been specially designed for use in areas where hygiene is paramount, such as healthcare environments or areas where food is stored and prepared. Choose from a selection of Antibacterial Shelving and easy wash shelving which are designed for use in these sensitive environments.

We also offer shelving units that can be dismantled for cleaning purposes and shelving solutions with replaceable shelves, allowing you to keep stock contact areas clean, fresh and new without having to replace entire shelving units when wear and tear begin to show.

Our shelving range for offices, warehouses and workspaces comprises a selection of sizes of shelving units. Choose from single standalone units, create a unique storage space with integrated designs, or opt for long span units to maximise industrial storage space.

The units on offer in our comprehensive shelving range can be used in conjunction with our other Storage Boxes and Containers such as archive storage, file storage and document storage to ensure that important information is always to hand when necessary. We also offer a selection of bin shelving units and modular shelving units to help you create the bespoke business shelving solutions that will work best in your own premises.

On top of all this, here at Seton we are pleased to offer a selection of safety shelving for business use and can also supply helpful Shelving Starter Packs for new workspaces.

Our industrial and office shelving range includes shelving ancillaries such as connectors, Castors, feet and fixings. We can also supply shelf dividers and ledges to help keep your stored items secure and separated.

Whatever your storage needs, the extensive range of industrial and office shelving on offer at Seton is likely to include a design that provides the perfect solution, and our high standards mean that you can always buy with confidence. Get in touch with us to discuss your shelving requirements.