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PPE Awareness

PPE awareness is extremely important for both staff and visitors to the workplace – this cannot be stressed enough. One way to ensure health and safety awareness is to use safety signs in prominent areas so that people cannot help but notice them, read them and heed the advice. Every person is responsible for health and safety – not just the management. No matter his or her position within the workplace, everyone is responsible for ensuring that safety standards are maintained. Have a look at our guide to PPE awareness.

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Guide to PPE Awareness Equipment

One of our very popular safety awareness signs comes with a mirror decal that states “Safety starts with” – the idea is that the person looking at the sign sees themselves in it, reminding them of the fact that everyone is responsible for workplace safety. If every person remembers to wear their PPE, not leave objects in walkways, and use equipment as instructed, then accidents and incidents will largely be avoided.

There are wall-mountable PPE awareness signs that come with hooks on them. These can be used to remind staff to wear ear defenders, which can be hung on the hook for ease. It will also remind the user to return them to the hook when leaving the high-risk area so that they are readily available for anyone else who may need to use them. The hook signs are also great for hard hat areas, as hard hats are large and bulky and take up a lot of space on shelving. Hanging them on a wall saves space, and it makes it easier to see if any are missing.

If you have areas that need to be cordoned off by barriers, you will also need signage on there to warn people what hazards they may be facing. The point of need PPE barrier kit has retractable barriers for ease of use and a selection of the most common signs advising the wearing of safety equipment like hard hats, dust masks and ear defenders. If barriers are not required, but point of need signage is still a necessity, then we also have posts that hold the sign at the top that can be placed wherever it is needed.

We have signage that is much simpler but still gets the message across where it is needed. We offer a point of need PPE awareness sign that has interchangeable decals, which is ideal for those areas where there is a lot of different activity taking place. For example, a construction company might be working in an area where hard hats may be required one day, safety shoes the next day, and dust masks the day after. The interchangeable decals offer flexibility in a varied workspace.

Protective clothing comes in different forms, so if your staff members wear uniforms, overalls or even just hair nets, then an appropriate awareness sign should be placed where everyone can see it, such as the locker room or staffroom. We have protective clothing signs with hooks, so if your PPE consists of Hi-Vis vests, you can leave it on the hook until you need it. Simple signs asking the staff if they are wearing the required PPE are also popular. They have a mirrored decal and can be fastened to a wall or flat surface as required.