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Spill Response Equipment & Spill Kit Accessories

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To comply with COSHH regulations you need to have a full stock of absorbent materials on hand whenever hazardous liquids are present. Seton can also supply a range of spill response equipment that works in conjunction with sorbents to ensure hazards are properly contained, neutralised and disposed of.

For example, our innovative spill stations are available in a choice of options to suit all locations. Each high-visibility station offers everything you need for dealing with liquid spills, including absorbents, gloves and waste bags. Our buying guide explains more about the equipment you might find useful and how to use it in your workplace.

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Spill Cleanup Procedures - Identifying the Need for Extra Equipment

When devising your emergency spill response plan and looking at what equipment is required, your attention will undoubtedly be focussed on absorbent materials and spill kits, however apparatus to support the containment and clearing away of hazardous materials will also need to be considered. All items recognised as being necessary for safe operation should be in place before work commences. It is also important employees are trained in its use and drills must be carried out to ensure everyone knows what to do if an incident occurs.

Spill Containment Equipment for the Workplace

Preventing hazardous substances from entering the watercourse through drains is incredibly important and can have financial and environmental consequences. Using a drain cover whenever chemicals, oils or other potentially harmful liquids are being worked with is a simple, yet effective way of ensuring this doesn’t happen. They are perfect for using whilst tankers are being filled or emptied and should be situated ready for deployment in all outside spaces. PVC drain covers are reusable, while clay variants can be moulded to fit unusual shapes.

A selection of storage items is available for holding absorbent materials. These can aid response times as they clearly indicate where spill control supplies are held in an emergency. Sorbent roll holders can be supplied in several variations – freestanding, wall-mounted or mobile. All three keep rolls off the floor, preventing them from becoming dirty or wet. They also allow users to quickly and easily dispense exactly the amount required. Sorbent centres are fully equipped and include absorbent materials and items such as gloves, goggles amd waste bags. Bright yellow in colour, they are easily visible and can be fitted with wheels to become the ultimate mobile spill kit.

Spill stations are another way of ensuring everyone knows where spill control items are stored and include helpful information on how to clear up leaks and spills. They are suitable for high or low hazard levels and can be supplied complete or empty, with refill materials available separately.

Spill control matting is a worthwhile investment if spills are likely in high traffic areas, such as alongside walkways or around regularly used machinery. Available in a standard or anti-fatigue format they will soak up dangerous liquids, keeping nearby areas safe from contamination and reducing slip hazards.

For spill control on the go, an Xtreme Sorb™ recycling pack can be taken anywhere and includes everything needed for emergency cleaning. Its ability to recycle absorbent granules makes it a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option.

Looking for help dealing with chemicals safely in your business?

Then look no further – grab our What is COSHH and COSHH Assessment in-depth guides and make sure you and your business are operating legally.