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Emergency Kits

React quickly to different types of crises with our range of emergency kits, each containing carefully selected contents. Having the correct equipment to hand can ultimately save lives as well as property, equipment and resources, and can also help you comply with legislation.

Emergency Spill Response Kits

Responding quickly in the event of a hazardous spill can prevent damage to the workplace, personnel or the surrounding environment, and help to minimise costs and other consequences such as legal action. Spill control products and kits are available for oil, chemicals and other liquids and should be located where the substances are stored and worked with for the shortest possible reaction times.

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Emergency First Aid Kits

Having appropriate first aid equipment to hand in an emergency is a legal requirement and the items needed should be decided by carrying out a risk assessment. Tailor made solutions are available for specific emergency situations such as roadside accidents and also specific workplaces such as schools. These kits can provide complimentary equipment as well as first aid products, for instance the roadside kit comes with a warning triangle to signal to other road users.

To find out more about workplace requirements for first aid kits please read our office first aid guide.

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Fire Emergency Kits

Extinguishers are not the only thing you might need while trying to evacuate a burning building or deal with a fire. Take a look at our fire related emergency kits which range from evacuation bags to help escape a burning building, to kits designed for fire warden response.

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Safety Stations

Safety stations are the perfect way to aid accidents that could occur in the workplace. Our range includes first aid, fire safety, spill hazard and ppe safety stations for all types of workplaces. All of our stations are supplied with printed guidelines making it simple for anyone to use and they come with all the safety equipment required to help you resolve the issue that may have arisen.

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