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Scafftag Holders

When working with potentially dangerous equipment it is important to carry out regular safety inspections. Using a Scafftag is an effective method of ensuring data from these checks is prominently displayed. Scafftag holders are specially designed to allow this to happen with a minimum of fuss. They also make an effective reminder of workers’ responsibilities to continue to be vigilant on the job.

Tag holders are designed to be securely attached to apparatus such as scaffolding and electrical equipment so they can’t be easily removed. To find out more read our buying guide.

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Scaffolding Tag Holder Buying Guide

Workplace equipment always needs to be kept in a good state of repair to avoid accidents. Regular inspections and safety checks can spot potential problems before they become hazardous. They can also provide reassurance to your workforce that equipment is in good working order. Using tags placed in secure Scafftag holders is a widely used and internationally-recognised system of recording and displaying your safety checks.

The Scafftag system works using a holder and insert process. This has many advantages:

  • Information is quick and easy to update

  • Robust materials ensure messages aren’t lost to damage

  • Empty holders advise workers not to proceed

To use, simply attach a blank holder to the item to be inspected and once checks have been completed record their findings on an insert. These can then be placed securely into the holder providing essential safety information to workers and visitors. Many tags have room for regular inspections to be listed so they can be used multiple times. Holders are made from strong plastic materials that will not easily break or become damaged - perfect for regular industrial use.

When not covered by an insert, all Scafftag holders display the prohibition sign and contain relevant information about potential hazards. This means staff know apparatus has failed an inspection and shouldn’t be used.

Safety Tag Holder Applications

The range of Scafftag holders includes a number of options, suitable for a wide range of uses. There are specific holders that deal with:

  • Ladders

  • Mobile elevating work platforms

  • Hazardous substances

  • Fire equipment

All-purpose holders are also available for just about any application where safety is of paramount importance.

Because Scafftag holders may need to be displayed in many different locations, they are designed to be as flexible as possible. Common ways to securely attach your holders to equipment include:

  • Cable ties

  • Rivets

  • Screws

  • Magnetic strips

  • Strops

  • Split rings

  • Hang loops

  • Adhesive strips

An additional padlock can also be used to secure your Scafftag holder. This ensures inspection information cannot be removed by unauthorised workers. Several holders also allow you to thread a padlock through the insert as well, so only skilled staff can declare a piece of equipment safe or unsafe for use.

The Scafftag system is a straightforward, reliable way to ensure safety checks are completed. Scafftag holders will make sure safety checks are easy to monitor and keep your tags in place, where they are needed, even in challenging environments.