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Barrier Warning Tapes

Workplace health and safety is an issue all companies need to deal with carefully, as the consequences of failing to comply with legislation often being severe. We have a huge selection of products to help keep staff and visitors to your site safe, including barrier warning tapes. These are a simple and cost effective way to highlight hazards.

For information on using tape to create emergency barriers that keep people safe in a variety of scenarios, check out our guide below.

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Creating Quick Easy Barriers with Caution Tape

Clear warnings are an essential part of good health and safety management, and there are occasions when employees, visitors, and members of the public need to be kept out of a hazardous area. Our range of barrier tapes are a simple and cost-effective solution for both warning and restricting access in dangerous conditions.

At Seton, we understand that every business is unique and can have many different needs. Our range of hazard warning tapes reflects the challenges businesses face today and comes in a variety of materials, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your circumstances.

Hazard Warning Tapes for all Eventualities

Danger tapes can be used to restrict access, warn of potential hazards such as chemical spills or mark out different quality control areas. All our barricade tapes are easily visible with eye-catching designs, including stripes and checks. Many also feature pictograms and clear writing for ease of understanding. For occasional hazards, the range includes a budget option; while for more common dangers and conditions that are more challenging, we include extra strong and heavy-duty options. Since warning tapes are just as relevant, if not more so, at night, we also have barrier warning tapes in fluorescent and reflective materials.

Secure your barrier tapes with the fencing pins included within the range. To provide maximum safety, you can use our cordon tapes in conjunction with our aisle marking tapes to clearly mark hazards, restrict access, and provide the necessary guidance regarding escape routes and exits.

Using Cordon Tape to Keep People Safe

While accidents do happen, as an employer, it is your responsibility to take reasonable steps to reduce the risk as far as possible. For anyone entering an area of potential hazards, clear warnings and restrictions provide the reassurance that you take their safety and comfort seriously and give them the peace of mind to carry out their tasks efficiently. Barrier warning tapes are one very seffective measure you can take to reduce the likelihood of accidents in your workplace.

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