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Barrier Warning Tapes

Need help? Need help? How to get the right barrier tape for the job Top-Rated UK Barrier Tapes with Super Fast Delivery

Workplace health and safety is an issue all companies need to deal with carefully, as the consequences of failing to comply with legislation often being severe. We have a huge selection of products to help keep staff and visitors to your site safe, including barrier warning tapes. These are a simple and cost effective way to highlight hazards.

For information on using tape to create emergency barriers that keep people safe in a variety of scenarios, check out our guide below.

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Creating Quick Easy Barriers with Caution Tape

Floor tapes are adhesive tapes used to mark hazards, divide spaces, create aisles, or provide directions. At Seton, we understand that every business is unique and can have many different needs. Our range of hazard warning tapes reflects the challenges businesses face today and comes in a variety of materials, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your circumstances.

Clear warnings are an essential part of good health and safety management, and there are occasions when employees, visitors, and members of the public need to be kept out of a hazardous area. Our range of barrier tapes are a simple and cost-effective solution for both warning and restricting access in dangerous conditions.

Hazard Warning Tapes for all Eventualities

Danger tapes can be used to restrict access, warn of potential hazards such as chemical spills or mark out different quality control areas. All our barricade tapes are easily visible with eye-catching designs, including stripes and checks. Many also feature pictograms and clear writing for ease of understanding. For occasional hazards, the range includes a budget option; while for more common dangers and conditions that are more challenging, we include extra strong and heavy-duty options. Since warning tapes are just as relevant, if not more so, at night, we also have barrier warning tapes in fluorescent and reflective materials.

Secure your barrier tapes with the fencing pins included within the range. To provide maximum safety, you can use our cordon tapes in conjunction with our aisle marking tapes to clearly mark hazards, restrict access, and provide the necessary guidance regarding escape routes and exits.

Using Cordon Tape to Keep People Safe

While accidents do happen, as an employer, it is your responsibility to take reasonable steps to reduce the risk as far as possible. For anyone entering an area of potential hazards, clear warnings and restrictions provide the reassurance that you take their safety and comfort seriously and give them the peace of mind to carry out their tasks efficiently. Barrier warning tapes are one very seffective measure you can take to reduce the likelihood of accidents in your workplace.


When might I need barrier tape?

The situations when warning tapes might be needed are largely a matter of common sense, but there are some specific situations laid out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Section 2 of the HSE publication 'protecting the public' covers how business owners and site managers should plan, provide and maintain suitable perimeters and barriers at locations where it might be necessary to separate the public or site visitors from specific work activities that are being carried out.

When planning and providing barriers, it is important to assess hazards carefully and look at factors such as how heavily populated the area around a work site is, who will need to visit the site during the work, and whether the site might attract children. Various warning tapes and other barriers can be used to secure a work site.

There are, of course, many other temporary situations that might require areas to be cordoned off with warning tape, from an icy outdoor walkway to a hazardous chemical spill in a factory or workshop. It is also advisable to secure warning tapes around areas that house equipment or materials that pose a permanent hazard. Examples of this might be a battery-charging station or area where there is a danger due to high voltage.

What type of barrier tapes should I use?

There is a wide variety of warning tapes available, and they are designed for slightly different situations. Obviously, you will want a high-visibility tape, and most barrier tapes incorporate a bright, bold, two-tone pattern. You can get barrier tape (yellow and black) or barrier tape red and white, often with some warning text such as ‘caution’ or ‘danger’. Some tape is even specifically designed to alert people to the nature of the hazard. For example, we provide warning tapes that incorporate specific wording such as Chemical Spillage, Quarantine Area and Open Trench, as well as tape you can write on yourself to give specific instructions or warnings. The more obvious and eye-catching your warning tape is, the better.

Depending on how you need to use your warning tapes, you may need to some one of our retractable barrier tape; self-adhesive tape you can put securely in place around hazardous areas; or strong, durable, all-weather tape for outdoor use. It is up to you to carry out a risk assessment for your workplace, and any outdoor sites you may be responsible for, and ascertain exactly which warning tapes you need.

What is the best type of barrier tape for my business?

Your needs will depend on your business, your work sites, and the type of hazards you are likely to deal with, but here are a few of our most popular warning tapes:

  • Plastic Flagging Tapes - One of our very high-value, bargain warning tapes, this comes in a variety of colours and designs, including striped, standard and florescent. Self-adhesive, and ideal for floor and wall-marking.

  • Caution Do Not Enter Warning Tape - Highly visible striped tape and warning messages combine for maximum safety, with a clear polyester overlaminate. Ideal for use on floors, stairs or ramps.

  • Head Protection Point of Entry Wall Safety Tape - With easily recognisable ‘head protection mandatory’ symbol. Ideal for marking out areas that require protective clothing. Also available with symbols indicating foot protection, ear protection, etc. Can be used to draw attention to wall-mounted PPE dispensers and storage areas, such as hooks for hard hats.

  • Retroreflective Tape - This versatile warning tape comes in red, yellow and white, and is designed to enhance visibility in low light. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, in temperatures from -30oC to +80oC.

  • Barrier Warning Tapes - Danger High Voltage - Strong and highly visible, this tape is made from non-adhesive polyethylene, and comes in either 75mm or 150mm-wide rolls.

  • Automatic Barrier Ribbon Dispenser - A convenient way of dispensing and positioning warning tape, complete with winder and automatic return. The tape itself comes in a variety of lengths, with a choice of colours (red and white or yellow and black).

Here at Seton, we have a wide range of barrier tapes to suit a variety of workplaces and situations. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us and ask our friendly experts for advice.