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Traffic & Car Park Signs

Need help? Need help? What you need to know about traffic & car park signs UK's No.1 Traffic and Parking Signage with Fast Delivery

Getting the right signage is vital, especially when it comes to helping motorists stay safe. Here at Seton we stock a huge range of traffic signs and mirrors, which are perfect for use in industrial estates, car parks and on private traffic routes. Our signs can be easily attached to a wall or mounted to a post and are available in a variety of materials.

Our parking signs buying guide features information on which signs you might need, where they can be used and other frequently asked questions.

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Traffic Signs Buying Guide

At Seton, we stock a wide range of traffic and car park signs to meet your needs. We have numerous different parking bay signs to help you clarify what specific spaces are for. You can use them to distinguish between staff and customer parking areas, identify disabled parking bays, and much more. They make a useful complement to our line marking equipment, which can be used to stencil words or symbols on the ground itself. You can also check out our range of road traffic signs.

Parking Signs to Consider

Parking restriction signs make it easier to keep areas of your premises free for other activities like outdoor work, or to allow delivery trucks to come and go. We sell standard signs as well as those that can be customised to show timed or other restrictions as required.

Speed limit signs help keep your premises safe and can be used in combination with our traffic calming equipment such as speed bumps. Reducing speed is incredibly important for safety, but drivers aren’t always aware that pedestrians and cyclists are nearby. Keeping speed to a sensible level in all areas around your site is always the best policy.

You will find our direction signs useful for helping people find their way around the outside of your premises. We stock everything from simple arrows to messages indicating the location of your reception, delivery entrance or other specific areas. You will also find signs to tell people which way to turn at junctions and to help them identify car park entrances and exits.

We stock hazard warning signs which you can use to keep people from driving into dangerous areas or parking where there may be a risk of damage to their vehicles. These signs have a wide range of messages and well known symbols, suitable for different situations.

All our signs feature large, clear text, or widely understood symbols. With so many signs in our selection, we are bound to have something to meet your needs.

Displaying Roadside Signs

Alongside the signs themselves, we also supply a range of fixings that can be used to attach signs to brick walls, glass and other surfaces. Posts are often the simplest way to mount a sign in an open area. These are strong enough to survive the kind of minor bumps that occur in car parks from time to time, and you will not need any special skills to fit them yourself. If you need a short-term solution, there is also the option of attaching signs to specially designed traffic cones. Just remember that raised signs are easier to spot from a distance.

What do I need to know about UK parking signs?

If you own a business in the UK, parking signs and parking management will often be issues you need to deal with, even if you only have a very small car park for staff and/or customers. If your car park occupies land owned, leased or rented by you or your business, then the car park is on private land and the parking is managed using the laws of contract or trespass. A private car park may be managed by the person who owns, rents or leases it, or sometimes by a private parking company on behalf of the landowner, if that is an arrangement that works for all concerned.

Private parking operators who are members of an Accredited Trade Association (ATA) need to follow a Code of Practice, which outlines private parking signs permit holders UK guidelines. These guidelines cover the size, placement and content of your parking signs. The British Parking Association provides more details regarding the responsibilities of business owners who own or manage private car parks and information about no parking signs UK law. UK law the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 also contains information about the use of traffic signs within private car parks or parking areas.

Are private parking signs a necessary expense?

If you are responsible for a business car park or parking area, then you need to ensure that users follow the rules, for the convenience and safety of all concerned. Parking enforcement is probably not something that you or your staff want to spend a lot of time on, so the right traffic parking signs can be a valuable investment.

Clearly communicating to car park users what the rules are, where they should park, and how they should use the parking area will save time on parking enforcement activities such as having to identify and locate someone who has parked in the wrong area and blocked a delivery truck, or even having to arrange to have a vehicle towed away for parking in a dangerous area. Car park signs are quite affordable, and most are very low maintenance once installed, so they are invariably worth investing in.

Traffic parking signs you might need

The type of traffic parking signs you need for your business will vary depending on a number of factors. When thinking about traffic signs for parking areas, always remember that safety is your top priority, closely followed by convenience and efficiency. Think about the issues that could cause danger or inconvenience in your parking area. Speed is always something to consider as car parks are areas used by both vehicles and pedestrians. Therefore, you may need speed limit signs, as well as signs to remind drivers to watch out for pedestrians. Most car parks will have at least one disabled parking bay or area, which should always be clearly indicated with the right signage.

Next, you need to think about convenience and efficiency. In particular, think about the possibility of people parking in an inconsiderate way, and potentially blocking site entrances, delivery bays and other areas that need to be easily accessed in order to carry out daily business activities. This will cut down the amount of time you need to spend on general parking control management and parking enforcement activities. Many business car parks will benefit from a no parking sign or a sign to indicate specific points of access that should not be blocked, such as a delivery entrance sign or a site entrance sign.

What are the best UK parking signs for my business?

This will depend on your individual situation, but here are a few of our popular car park signs:

  • Customisable Traffic Parking Signs – These are highly useful as you can add your own custom text. They can be used as speed or warning signs, no parking signs, or to indicate parking bays for customers of a particular business.

  • Car Park Navigation Signs – Delivery Entrance – These clearly indicate a delivery entrance to direct delivery drivers and prevent other vehicles from blocking it.

  • Custom Disabled Parking Signs UK – These clearly mark disabled parking bays and areas. They can be customised with further instructions or an indication of which business that section or bay serves in multi-business parking areas.

Here at Seton, we have a wide range of traffic parking signage. If you have any questions, please call us and ask our friendly experts for advice.