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Scafftag Kits

Scafftag is an internationally recognised method for recording workplace equipment safety checks. The system logs and displays important data, providing easy-to-understand documentation for workers. Scafftag is hugely effective in keeping your workplace safe.

Scafftag kits include everything needed to start using the system immediately, so you can be sure employees are working in safe conditions from the outset. They also eliminate the need for further outlay - saving time and money. Whilst mostly associated with scaffolding and access equipment, tagging kits can also be used to provide information on fire safety equipment, hazardous substances and plant & machinery. For more information on possible uses for tagging kits, check out our buying guide below.

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Inspection Tag Kits - Buying Guide

Workplace equipment needs to be kept in good condition in order to comply with health and safety legislation and prevent serious accidents. It is important to ensure apparatus is checked on a regular basis to ensure it is functioning correctly and problems are spotted before they become dangerous. Having a clear record of these checks will make it easy to see equipment is being regularly assessed and keep safety in the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Using a tagging system such as Scafftag or Nanotag will standardise your procedure so workers are performing checks and recording their findings in a uniform manner. If you’ve found standards slipping in your workplace, that’s the perfect time to implement tagging.

Although tagging procedures are simple to use, they consist of several elements:

When putting together a tagging process for your workplace you might find it easier to purchase a kit that provides everything you need. This will also keep checks consistent by ensuring all elements are the same across your site. Using a kit also means you need to order less often as you will most likely already have spares of items that need replacing over time.

Tagging Kit Uses

As the Scafftag name suggests, one of the most common items to tag is scaffolding. Keeping a record of access equipment installation procedures and safety inspections can be lifesaving so kits are also available for work platforms and ladders. These all include a combination of the items mentioned above. The Scafftag blue book also includes documentation that make it easier to inform staff of how the system works and report faults.

Your workplace risk assessment will highlight many items that should be checked regularly to either prevent an accident or be ready to deal with one when it occurs. Microtag and Nanotag are ideal for marking small pieces of equipment such as fire extinguishers - giving a clear visual indication of their status. By attaching a tag to essential safety apparatus you can also be sure information is held at source.

While kits are designed to provide everything needed to implement a Scafftag system that will last for a considerable time, you may eventually need to replace items or order additional ones. You can supplement your Scafftag kit with additional holders and inserts.

Scafftag kits give you peace of mind that every effort is being made to keep your equipment in good working condition. Any potential hazards can be found and dealt with before they become dangerous or a liability.