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Danger Tags

Need help? Need help? How will danger tags enhance your lockout program? Alerting everyone to a potential hazard is absolutely necessary to prevent accidents, and the use of danger tags is an effective way to achieve this. Bold and highly visible, these danger tags will alert everyone to the existence of a lockout, ensuring that they keep their distance from the hazard.

Taking key steps to avoid accidents is essential to remain on the right side of health and safety laws, but this need not be difficult. Using the danger tags in conjunction with other items in the lockout-tagout range allows faulty equipment to be restricted until the necessary maintenance is carried out.

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Lockout Danger Tags: Buying Guide

Lockout-tagout is an effective way to isolate the energy of faulty equipment and machinery during maintenance and repair work, and the use of danger tags can enhance this procedure. Fastening a danger tag to the item that has been locked out offers a clear and visible sign that the item in question is dangerous and should therefore not be touched. We stock a comprehensive range of danger tags to form part of your lockout-tagout system.

The danger tags in our range are made from durable materials such as polyester, which can be wiped clean, and are resistant to spills of water or oil. This means that the message remains clearly visible without fading. All of the danger tags have a bold, eye-catching design that can be understood easily even from a distance. Many of the designs carry the danger warning triangle as well as conveying further information on the hazard involved in easy-to-read writing. Many also have space for you to add further information, and the danger tags can later be wiped clean to allow for further use. Our stationery category features a wide choice of marker pens, perfect for use with these tags.

The danger tags also have a variety of fastening options. Some have a small hole at the top and come supplied with ties to attach them securely to equipment, for replacement ties and more hard wearing options you may want to consider our heavy duty cable ties which are rated for use in industrial environments. There are also tags with a larger hole and a reinforced eyelet to prevent tearing. These are designed to be fastened with a padlock. When applying a hasp or padlock to secure lockout devices a tag should always be attached as the final step in securing the equipment, this will ensure vital safety information is available to all employees and the status of the machinery is made clear. We supply a comprehensive range of padlocks with which to secure all of your lockout equipment, non-conductive padlocks are especially useful for locking out electrical machinery.

Uses in Your Lockout Procedure for Danger Tags

We stock a large range of lockout devices that are suitable for a variety of industrial equipment and mechanisms. For a complete lockout system you will want to be sure you have a wide range of lockout equipment at your disposal, lockout devices offer a simple way of securing machinery so that vital maintenance can take place. Some of our lockout equipment range includes valve lockout devices, innovatively designed equipment that secures large industrial valves and circuit breaker lockout devices that with only a few steps completely isolate machinery from being able to be engaged accidentally. Used with our danger tags, you will find everything that you need to create a lockout-tagout system to improve the safety standards at your workplace.

We are always pleased to take the worry out of health and safety procedures. A workplace with high safety standards is also likely to be more productive and appear more impressive to any visitors as employees can feel reassured and can concentrate on their tasks. Lockout-tagout is one system that will make your safety procedures effective and efficient, and our danger tags will ensure that everyone is aware of them.