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Safety Clothing (PPE) Labels

Ensuring your employees wear the correct protective clothing when performing any potentially hazardous jobs is essential. We carry a selection of safety clothing labels that cover a range of personal protective equipment (PPE) including eye and ear protection, hand protection, protective head equipment and high-visibility clothing.

The labels can be used to indicate that PPE is required before carrying out a task or when working in a particular area. We also carry mandatory PPE labels that are ideal for putting on containers so employees and visitors can locate PPE equipment when required. For more information on the uses of PPE labels, read our helpful buying guide.

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Personal Protective Equipment Labels - Overview

Wearing safety clothing when operating certain types of machinery is vital and making sure that the personal protective equipment (PPE) your employees wear is maintained well, and does the job correctly, is an important part of health and safety at work. Our safety clothing (PPE) labels when combined with safety clothing (PPE) signs can assist you with complying and following health and safety regulations. When used correctly they will ensure that all staff, customers and visitors are aware of where the safety clothing is kept as well as if and when they need to use it. We also carry labels to advise personnel utilising the equipment to report any problems with it, so it can be fixed or replaced.

PPE labels feature universally recognised symbols for various types of equipment so that anyone who visits or works at your premises, even if English is not their first language, should be able to follow the instructions given and wear the appropriate safety clothing for the job they are undertaking.

PPE Labels - Application Guide

Our PPE mandatory symbol labels cover several pieces of safety wear, including ear protection, eye protection, protective gloves and boots. These PPE labels are available in a variety of types and sizes, and should be used to instruct employees to wear PPE when undertaking certain tasks.

They can also be placed around your worksite wherever the various types of PPE are stored to enable employees and visitors to easily retrieve the appropriate equipment for the job they are undertaking. These labels can be easily affixed to a range of surfaces and containers to allow for this.

Our selection of on-the-spot “Wear PPE” labels can be placed directly on equipment that requires employees to use safety clothing. Simply stick the label to the machinery (or nearby) to instruct employees to follow procedures and use the required PPE for the job.

The report any defects in personal protective equipment immediately labels we stock can be posted where PPE is used and stored. They remind staff to follow procedures and report any issues with PPE so they can be fixed and replaced. This will help to avoid any accidents or injuries due to faulty equipment being used.

We also carry CE marking labels intended for use by manufacturers of PPE, machinery and low voltage appliances to comply with Supply of Machinery legislation which requires the display of CE marking labels on all such products.

Finally, if you are unable to find safety clothing (PPE) labels within our selection that meet your workplace’s needs, then you can also design your own labels on our website.