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Need help? Need help? Which is the right bin for me? Keeping a workplace running smoothly takes a lot of time and effort but with the right equipment it can be made easier. A tidy premises is important in a number of ways, from general appearance to health and safety and our range of outdoor bins are a great way to reduce littering. You'll find plenty of options to choose from, all capable of withstanding a variety of weather conditions.

To find out more about outdoor waste management and the types of bin available, read our buying guide and frequently asked questions below.

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Outside Bins Buying Guide

Many people will judge your business or organisation on first impressions and that often means your building’s exterior. Promoting a positive appearance to your customers, potential customers and employees will not only increase revenue but may improve staff performance and morale.

Having strategically placed outdoor bins can be key to the cleanliness of the exterior landscape of your business. As well as reducing littering, the bins can ensure the area is clean and tidy and assist you in complying with relevant health and safety regulations and laws.

A large variety of outdoor bins is available to suit your requirements. All bins are specifically designed for an external environment and can withstand weather events such as strong wind and rain, whilst remaining visually appealing.

Hard-wearing and durable, most products can handle impact and are rust-resistant. The products are made for various business and organisational needs and include both fixed and portable bin facilities.

Outside Rubbish Bins for All Applications

Mobile rubbish containers provide the perfect solution for outdoor waste management in temporary, high-traffic areas. These bins are compact and portable, allowing them to be easily distributed when and where they are needed. Available in a range of styles and shapes, most models include either two or five wheels.

Stylish and highly user-friendly, our range of litter bins provides a more permanent solution to waste management. Most bins in the product line have large openings at the perfect height for users, providing an easy way for customers and employees to dispose of rubbish. With durable lids and sturdy bases, which can be fixed to the ground if desired, you can be assured rubbish is securely and hygienically stored.

Increased waste inputs require a more substantial solution, with our range of waste containers & collectors fulfilling all your needs. These portable and durable containers can hold more waste than the typical litter bin and are suited to businesses that produce large amounts of waste.

School & children rubbish bins promote proper waste management from a young age. At the appropriate height and appealing to the eye, the bins are ideal for children. The bins are durable, weighted and designed for outdoor conditions.

Outdoor Waste Bins that Promote Health and Hygeine

Painted with bright colours, the dog waste bins are designed to attract the attention of dog owners, promote bin use and ensure the safe and sanitary disposal of animal waste. The technology behind the bins works via a chute system to trap the waste, preventing spillages and masking the sight and odour of the waste. The products are mainly permanent and mounted to the ground, using a post. It is imperative if your business or organisation attracts or allows dogs outside the premises that a dog waste bin is in place.

Outdoor Rubbish Bins FAQ:

There are so many bins to choose from, which is right for me?

We offer a great variety of outdoor bins for countless business needs. First, you will need to determine where and for how long you will need the bin — this will help you decide whether you need a permanent or temporary solution. Next, consider how much and what type of waste you expect to create. For example, food waste will require a different solution to that created by manufacturing.

I need these bins to be outdoors permanently, will they last?

How long a bin will remain usable will depend on many factors including its location and whether or not it is used correctly. Most of our bins are durable and designed especially for harsh outdoor conditions. In fact, many are rust and impact-resistant. By choosing an appropriate bin for your application you will almost certainly be prolonging its lifespan. If you need additional guidance to help you with this process, please contact our Customer service.