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Ensuring safe passage during an emergency is vital for compliance with UK health and safety regulations. Stairwells must be labelled clearly on each floor of the staircase to ensure that the correct exit route is taken during any kind of unexpected drill or real emergency evacuation.

Seton supplies a large range of floor level signs and notices that conform to health and safety legislation and guidelines which can been seen in the buying guide. These can be used to clarify what floor of a building employees and visitors are currently on. Such signs should be part of your fire evacuation plan which includes appropriate fire exitsignage.

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Floor Number Signs: Buying Guide

Floor level signs indicate the floor number in stairwells to highlight what floor people are on for the purposes of everyday negotiation of the workplace by staff and visitors and to aid emergency evacuation, when it is particularly important people on the premises know what floor of the building they are on. These signs are not restricted to use in stairwells, they can also be used by or opposite the entry doors to stairs.

Knowledge of evacuation routes is imperative for staff and visitors in any workplace, and businesses should have signs that help both employees and visitors orientate themselves so they can find their way to safety via the nearest fire exit in the event of an emergency. This is why it is a good idea to use floor level signs in conjunction with other fire and emergency exit signage; for example, evacuation maps. These should be positioned in every corridor and meeting room so that everyone knows the quickest, safest and fastest way out of a building in an emergency.

Our Nite-Glo photoluminescent floor level signs are particularly useful in emergencies as they can be seen in smoky environments and dimly-lit areas. They are clearly numbered so that both employees and visitors fully understand which floor of the building they are on, helping them to find their way out during emergency situations.

These signs are also suitable for day-to-use as they appear white in daylight. They are constructed using environmentally-friendly polyester film that appears white in daylight and shines brightly when there is suddenly no or very dim light. They are available in vinyl and rigid plastic; with the vinyl versions having a permanent, self-adhesive backing for ease of installation. See our guide to signs materials for more information on each.

According to the Photoluminescent Safety Products Association (PSPA), Class B signs stay lit for six hours once they have been activated by a good source of light. Our photoluminescent floor level signs are fully PSPA Class B, German Institute for Standardisation (DIN), International Maritime Organization (IMO) and British Standards compliant.

How to Affix Your Sign

Suitable fixings for mounting rigid plastic floor level signs include double-sided mounting foam tape, which is moisture, cold and chemical resistant and can be affixed to rough surfaces.

For both indoor and outdoor use, permanent adhesive is recommended; this is weather and UV resistant, and is made using environmentally-friendly polyester. Again it adheres well to damp and uneven surfaces; in fact it has such high-quality sealing properties it can also be used effectively as a sealant. See our full range of sign fixings, from tape to tamper-resistant screws.