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Hand Washing Signage & Hygiene Awareness Signs

Need help? Need help? Where to use hand washing and hygiene awareness signs? Clear, Easy-to-Understand UK “Wash Your Hands” Signage

As part of a wider public awareness campaign around halting the spread of COVID-19, the government is keen to change the handwashing habits of people at work. Section two of its ‘5 steps to working safely’ scheme compels businesses to “develop cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures”, because these actions have a major impact on infection transfer.

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How can best practices around hygiene benefit a business?

Hand wash station signs explain when to clean hands and the correct washing methods, which is why they have a significant role to play in creating a more hygienic environment. Managing the risk of infection is essential to avoid extended sick leave, as well as potential claims from employees and local government.

Why are hand wash station signs important?

Encouraging employees with handwashing technique signs can prevent them from spreading infections or illnesses to their colleagues. When people cleanse their hands with soap, germs and bacteria are removed, which is beneficial for many reasons.

Germs can be passed on quickly and can get a foothold in the body through the mouth, nose and eyes, making individuals ill within hours and causing an increase in sick days. As people regularly touch their nose, eyes and mouth without realising what they are doing, an ‘NHS Hand Washing Recommendations Sign’ can help keep them vigilant. This helps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and can stop less serious infections from taking hold in your facility.

  • In the right conditions, germs breed quickly in food or drink and can make people unwell

  • Aside from person-to-person contact, germs can be transferred onto bannisters, rails or door handles and then to hands

  • It’s not just sickness bugs and respiratory infections that can be prevented by hand washing, skin infections and eye infections can also be minimised when germs are properly removed

What information should hand washing sink signs focus on?

As a business, the safety of your customers and your staff is always a top priority. Regular handwashing is always a sensible practise to promote, but because of the COVID-19 threat, making sure your team acts on government advice around handwashing is essential.

One of the best ways to remind individuals about being thorough is to place a ‘Site Safety - How To Wash Your Hands Sign’ in all employee toilet facilities. These make it easier for them to remember that they need to wash their hands for a full 20 seconds. We also have the ‘How To Properly Wash Your Hands Sign’, otherwise known as a ‘Wash Hands For 20 Seconds Sign’, which includes a written guide and images that detail a thorough hand wash process. These bright, clear hand wash instruction signs include a step-by-step procedure that encourages employees to carry out an effective cleanse every time.

Regular risk assessments are a key part of any safety schedule at work. However, because you need staff to be on board with changes, clear communication is a good strategy. Regardless of how many members are on your team, hand washing procedure signs can remind them of shared objectives as well as the need to protect themselves.

When should people be washing their hands?

Whether you are buying 'wash your hands' signage for school staff and children, factory or office workers, the best way of getting the message across is with clear instructions. Our ‘Your Hands Carry Germs You Can't See Sign’ contains advice on when to wash the hands — in a busy workplace, it’s easy to forget. Our ‘Did You Wash Your Hands?’ signs can form part of an information campaign that helps your workforce to modify their behaviour in relatively small and simple ways.

Much of the advice is common sense, but our hand washing signs for hospitals and other facilities ensure that staff are aware of the current recommendations on when handwashing is essential. These are:

  • After blowing your nose or when you have been sneezing or coughing

  • Prior to eating snacks or lunch

  • Before food is handled or prepared for others

  • When you arrive at work

  • As soon as you get home

How to protect a workplace and maintain a sanitary environment

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that businesses: “Use signs and posters to help your workers to practice good handwashing technique and to remind them to cough/sneeze into an arm and avoid touching their faces”. Hand wash station signs ensure staff know exactly what is expected of them by your business and the government, so it’s easier for them to adopt better handwashing behaviour.

Additionally, a workplace must have facilities where staff can wash their hands, which include running water, hand soap and paper towels. Sanitiser for the hands should be made available beside these facilities and you can highlight each location with a hand sanitiser station poster. Other areas of strategic importance for COVID-19 ‘wash your hands signage’ can be locations where staff handle goods, or get in and out of their car. Install an ‘Easy Steps to Prevent the Spread of Germs Sign’ in these locations because workers often need a reminder when they are in a rush.

For more information on how you can best protect everyone in your workplace, we have everything you need to know about Coronavirus Infection Control.


Will hand washing signs for bathrooms really affect people’s behaviour?

Studies have shown that hand washing signs for public health can change health-related behaviours, especially when they are displayed close to where the action they mention will take place. That’s why many of our hand sanitising station signs are designed to be installed in washrooms or beside a handwashing sink.

My team wear gloves, do they still need to wash their hands before handling food?

Yes, the same rules apply to people who wear gloves. That’s why hand washing signs for food service and hand washing signs for kitchen staff are important. The hands should be washed before putting on gloves, when changing gloves and once they have been removed.

Does the water in my washroom have to be very hot?

Hands cannot be kept under a very hot tap for the time it takes to wash properly. Therefore, it’s best to focus on using good hand washing technique signs and clear hand sanitising station signs rather than the temperature of the water.

Does signage have to be highly detailed?

No, we have very basic, colourful designs such as our ‘Wash Your Hands Sign’ — an ideal handwashing sign option for school premises. This signage gets the message across in an eye-catching and colourful way.