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Lockable Cabinets

A secure location to store the confidential documents and information that your business will accrue in its daily function is of utmost importance. Lockable cabinets are an effective way to both organise and protect the confidential information that your company handles.

The mishandling of sensitive information can prove highly damaging for a workplace, potentially resulting in loss of clientele and legal action. In the range of secure storage products at Seton are a number of lockable cabinets, which will help you keep your information secure and inspire trust in your company.

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Locking File Cabinets: Buying Guide

Even though much information is kept digitally at the workplace, some is still stored in physical documents. Whether the information pertains to yourself, your employees or your clients, protecting these sensitive documents is a must. Lockable cabinets will provide a secure place for you to store your confidential files. As well as preventing the theft of these documents, they are also fire retardant, so even in the event of a serious fire, your documents are kept safe until they can be retrieved.

The design of the lockable cabinets in Seton’s product range will allow them to fit in well with typical office décor, and they will store documents in a number of sizes, including foolscap, A4 and A5. We understand that the amount of documentation storage will vary greatly from business to business, so our lockable cabinets come in a choice of two or four drawers, allowing you to create the storage system that works best for you.

In order to allow maximum flexibility, we have a lockable cabinet with adjustable rails to allow for the efficient organisation of files. When needed, files will be easily located, improving the efficiency of the office while providing maximum security when the files are not in use. The range of lockable cabinets also includes a permit document box, which allows these documents to be stored in a secure but easily visible box. All of our lockable cabinets are made of sturdy materials, so not only will they withstand fire, impact and wilful damage, but they will also cope well with daily wear and tear, providing long-lasting secure storage. For an even more foolproof security solution consider our office safes.

Workplace security is an area of concern for many businesses, but the products in Seton’s range of lockable cabinets are designed to make this task easier. We can give you advice on what security products are needed for your site and answer any queries that you may have. As a leading online retailer, we have a large selection of products to suit a wide variety of different workplaces.

The lockable cabinets in our range are supplied with keys. Don’t forget to keep these safe so that no one can gain unauthorised access to these cabinets. We stock a range of keyrings and key and padlock cabinets to help you efficiently manage the keys at your workplace.

By using lockable cabinets, visitors and clients who entrust you with their confidential information will be impressed with your security systems, giving them peace of mind that their information is in the safest possible hands. You too can feel confident that you have taken effective steps to improve the security of your premises and that any confidential information pertaining to your business is safe from the threats of both burglary and fire.