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Posts have many uses in traffic management. These include blocking off areas to people and vehicles, putting up signs or marking a boundary. They are also an effective way to prevent accidents that could cause serious injuries and/or damage to other vehicles and assets. Seton has a variety of posts in stock so you can easily find one to suit your requirements.

Complying with safety regulations to reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents is something that companies must consider when planning their traffic strategies. To find out more about utilising posts for safe wayfinding as well as a wide variety of other purposes, check out our buying guide.

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Car Park Posts for a Variety of Purposes

A good traffic management system will always include instructions and directives for drivers and pedestrians to follow. Ensuring these are easy to see and understand is imperative for safety on your site. Using posts to mark areas or display signs is a straightforward and cost-effective way to do this.

Posts may be an efficient piece of equipment in many different circumstances. Seton prides itself on providing a selection of products with options to suit a variety of purposes, our range of posts is no exception.

Car park posts can be used to:

  • Display signs

  • Prohibit access

  • Position traffic mirrors

  • Mark boundaries

  • Provide instructions

Seton’s range of posts includes many drop-down options that can be used to prevent vehicle access to unauthorised parties or be dropped to allow parking for permitted users. We also include a selection of portable posts, so access can be restricted as and when required.

Posts are also ideal for displaying signs and traffic mirrors.

The posts we supply include numerous features to maintain high safety standards. The product selection includes rebound posts that will not cause damage to either the vehicle or sign when hit. Many of our posts are in eye-catching designs or feature reflective materials to allow excellent visibility without the need for electric lighting.

Parking Poles that Last

We know that when you make an investment in traffic management products you need them to last. Our posts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are available in a variety of materials. All are designed to be durable and cope with challenging conditions without rotting, corroding or rusting.

For your convenience, our selection of posts also includes the fixings needed to anchor them as well as holders for signs.

Security Posts and Wayfinding Safety

Posts are an effective part of traffic management when used in conjunction with other wayfinding products, such as line marking equipment or bollards.

Car parks, driveways and roads are some of the most dangerous places on a work site with the constant risk of serious and potentially fatal accidents. There is also the risk of financial loss from damaged vehicles and other assets. However, implementing a good traffic management strategy can reduce the risk. The use of posts in your strategy will help improve both the safety and efficiency of traffic movement on your work premises.

The creation of a traffic management strategy that takes health and safety rules into account can sometimes be tricky. As one of the UK’s leading retailers of safety products, Seton is very experienced in these matters. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about which traffic management products will suit your requirements. To give you complete peace of mind when you shop with us, we ensure our products comply with all relevant UK and EU laws.