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Fire Evacuation Equipment

If you are an employer, you have the legal obligation to assess the health and safety risks of your operations, and part of that assessment is to determine the safest way out of your premises in case of a fire or other catastrophic event that necessitates immediate evacuation.

We offer a broad range of Escape & Evacuation Equipment, including training courses, escape route planning kits, evacuation chairs, emergency escape kits and escape ladders. Developing an evacuation plan and purchasing the Escape & Evacuation Equipment needed to implement that plan is crucial when maintaining the health and safety of your employees.

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Emergency Evacuation Equipment: Buying Guide

Our Standard Emergency Escape Route Plan Kits include everything that you need to provide both visitors and employees with an easy-to-understand fire evacuation plan. The kits help you to comply with the Workplace Fire Regulations that mandate employers to plan for emergencies with a comprehensive fire evacuation procedure which provides employees with training and information to safely evacuate the premises. The kits include an aluminium frame, borderline tape, a printed grid baseboard, a “Key to Symbols” guide, 12 sheets of mixed symbols and five plan titles, making it easy to customise an evacuation plan for your workplace. If you desire additional security, we also offer our Photoluminescent Emergency Escape Route Plan Kits, which are similar to our standard kits, except that they contain photoluminescent backboards that keep your escape route plan visible in low-light conditions — for example, during a power failure or when there is a lot of smoke.

Our 700H Evacuation Chair makes it easy to aid an individual with mobility issues to leave the premises. Designed for two-person operation, this chair goes up and down stairs without requiring any heavy lifting. With a width of only 400mm, the chair easily navigates spiral or narrow staircases and can support a weight of up to 159kg. Two other fire evacuation chair models are also available. In addition, our Evac+Chair Operator Training Courses enable you to meet your legal obligation to have staff trained in emergency evacuation procedures for the mobility impaired. Individuals who complete this course receive certification as qualified for their roles.

Our Emergency Escape Kit saves you both time and money. When an emergency occurs, this kit helps your employees and other building occupants to escape, gain the attention of first responders, and offer first aid to anyone who is injured. The kit is suitable for workplaces with up to 50 employees. Each kit contains two LED torches with batteries, a set of two-way radios, a first aid kit for treating 50 people, six plastic whistles, one air horn, six disposable foil blankets, six pairs of disposable latex gloves and one multi-function tool. All items come in a red padded bag that has reflective strips to make it easy to identify in emergency situations.

We also provide Custom Evacuation Maps. Clear, accurate fire evacuation maps are a critical component of a building’s fire safety plan. Customising a map is easy: simply choose whether you want portrait or landscape orientation, select your material, colour and mounting options, upload an image of your evacuation map, select the quantity that you desire, and that completes the ordering process.

Our Escape Ladders provide instant fire escapes by hooking over a window. These fire evacuation ladders are manufactured from lightweight steel and are suitable for use in two-storey and three-storey buildings. The ladders come with standoffs to keep them away from the building, and are available in both 4.5m and 7.5m lengths.

In order to keep people safe from fire and put emergency evacuation equipment in the most effective place, it is essential to carry out a fire risk assessment at your workplace. Discover all the key components to create your fire risk assessment with our 29 minute expert guide. This is a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide that includes information on everything you need to complete an effective fire risk assessment and avoid fines, plus a handy downloadable template to get started now.