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Keeping an organised work space is one of the key pillars to creating a productive and efficient operation. Using storage cupboards and cabinets to create designated spaces where items can be kept helps ensure everyone is aware of where materials are if needed, helping to prevent wasted time while workers hunt down the necessary items. Storage cupboards and cabinets can also be used to help ensure that your office space is in-keeping with health and safety legislation. Keeping items stored away from walkways helps to prevent tripping hazards, thus keeping everyone in your workplace safer. Storage cupboards and cabinets are also ideal for storing necessary items such as first aid kits, which you never know when you’ll urgently need. We also stock lockable models, which are important to keep valuable items secure and to help prevent theft. These cabinets can also be used to store substances which are subject to health and safety controls.

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The Best Storage Cupboards and Cabinets For Your Workplace

Organising the workspace properly can help aid productivity and benefit your business in a number of ways. Firstly, by using storage cupboards and cabinets in your office or industrial space you will be able to create designated spots for all of the materials that are used within the workplace, helping to ensure that all those working in the area are easily able to access what they need, without wasting precious time searching. This way the correct organisation and use of storage can have a positive impact on workplace efficiency and productivity. Secondly, storage cupboards and cabinets have a role to play in the proper organisation of office and industrial spaces as they can help ensure that your workplace is compliant with the relevant health and safety legislation. Arguably the most important reason to store items away is to help to prevent injury. Having various items kept out of storage unnecessarily, can be hazardous to everyone in your workplace.

You may have heard the saying, ‘a tidy space, a tidy mind.’ Well it is true that as well as increasing health and safety standards, keeping a tidy workplace also creates a calmer, more pleasant environment for you and your employees to work in, whilst also making it a more professional and appealing space for customers and clients to visit. It also makes it easier for cleaning staff to more thoroughly clean your workspaces, as they can reach areas more easily if items are stored away. Keeping your items in the right places also means maintenance workers carrying out repairs will be able to access areas more easily, again improving the overall efficiency of your workplace.

Storage cupboards and cabinets can be used as secure and lockable spaces for the storage of materials that are controlled and require restricted access reserved for trained and designated staff members only. Our units also provide a convenient and easily accessible location in which to store items that are assigned to be available in the workplace, such as office and industrial area first aid kits.

Our range of storage cupboards and cabinets are all high quality and have something to suit all styles. Our wide range of products include designs that will suit all kinds of workplaces. Choose from large volume or slimline storage cabinets, opt for mesh door versions that allow easy visual identification of contents, or install some of our secure workplace lockers for use by staff during the work day, perfect for keeping personal items safe and secure.

We also offer storage cupboard and cabinet designs that serve an additional purpose, such as our workstations integrated under counter storage, perfect for the workplace where space is at a premium, in order to create storage and workspace in one.

Our cabinets are perfect for use for PPE storage and, when used in conjunction with PPE Signs, can help to ensure health and safety compliance from staff within the workplace. We also offer signage that can be used for access awareness and hazardous materials, helping you to create safe and compliant spaces for the stowing of controlled and dangerous materials within the workplace.

Whatever your office or industrial storage needs, the Seton range of storage cupboards and cabinets, together with ancillary storage items such as shelving, storage bins, and much more, can be used to create a tailored storage solution that will work with the unique way in which your workspace is used. Our top quality storage cupboards and cabinets provide safe, secure storage that really opens the door to office and industrial organisation, helping you to ensure maximum workplace safety and efficiency at all times.