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Access Management

Need help? Need help? What makes an effective barrier? Access Management is important for many businesses to give both employees and the general public a means to recognise which areas are appropriate to enter. Any business that stores hazardous or flammable substances or operates machinery on the premises needs to ensure that access is restricted to those personnel who are authorised to work in that area and that they use the right safety equipment. This is not only a requirement of health and safety regulations, but it also makes good business sense, as accidents lead to lost time and lost money.

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Access Barriers and Security Management: Buying Guide

Many businesses, due to their nature, have a requirement to restrict access to certain areas of the workplace. Access control is an important part of health and safety, and a secure site is a safe site. When considering an access control system, a business must perform a risk assessment to decide which areas of the workplace need to be restricted, but they must also consider the needs of staff. For example, disabled staff may also require access to certain areas, and this should be taken into consideration when deciding on the best system, if necessary we can provide you with equipment to create ease of access for disabled employees and visitors, such as Disability Access Ramps. Businesses may operate in a difficult economic climate, which means that they need solutions that are both convenient and cost effective. Many businesses have to operate with low running margins, but a failure to properly secure a site can result in financial losses and even legal consequences.

For barriers to be effective, they not only need to be visible, but they also need to look official. There are health and safety regulations that cover the types of signs and barriers that may be used in certain situations. One of the simplest yet most effective types of barrier is the Tensabarrier, a versatile piece of equipment that may be wall-mounted or placed using posts. Wall-Mount Tensabarriers are ideal if you do not need a permanent barrier. These barriers can be used to quickly close off a walkway or a larger area. The webbing simply pulls out from the cassette and attaches to an included wall clip. Once the barrier is no longer needed, the webbing can be released and it simply retracts back into the cassette. Tensabarrier systems are flexible enough to be used either indoors or outdoors. In addition to the barriers, if you have a post system, you can use universal sign holders to provide additional information as to why the area has been closed off. Tensabarriers can be a cheap and practical way of cordoning off areas, they come in many types of material and used in a variety of environments, they can be a sophisticated and elegant way of keeping the public out of certain places.

As well as restricting access to certain areas, it may be necessary for a business to know who is on the premises at any given time. In-Out Boards are an ideal way of keeping track of this information, which may prove to be vital in the event of an incident. The boards come with card inserts that are supplied in a strip. The staff names may be typed onto the strip before the cards are separated. The board itself has a robust design and is easy to use, as cards simply slide in and out. The board may be mounted at the entrance to a restricted area to keep track of staff movements. Suitable for use in indoor areas, the board can be easily fixed to a wall and is best placed in an area where it will be clearly visible.

The use of Interior Convex Acrylic Mirrors helps provide security with no maintenance. The mirror offers a clear reflection that enables an individual to see a wider area than would otherwise be possible. It is made from premium quality acrylic that is impact-resistant and UV inhibited. The mirror has a PVC surround and a medium density back. A unique J bracket means that the mirror can be easily adjusted to provide the best overall view of the area. Acrylic mirrors are not only cheap but also 100 times stronger than glass and have highly reflective qualities. They are also very easy to clean and are ideal for use indoors where they are unlikely to be vandalised. Convex mirrors provide a large field of view, meaning that more areas can be seen from a single location. Easy to install, they are a good addition to premises that may have hard-to-see areas and provide a sense of security and safety. They may be used as an alternative to or in conjunction with security cameras.


What is Access Management?

Access Management is the process whereby a person or persons will be granted authorisation to enter a premises and those not authorised will be prevented from accessing those areas.

I need to cordon off an area of my workplace. What is a cost-effective solution for doing this?

Tensabarriers offer a cost-effective way of cordoning off areas. They can be attached to poles or wall-mounted and are easy to move. You can also include signs providing further information.

I work in a large retail space and need to keep an eye on stock. How can I do this?

Convex Mirrors will enable you to see a much wider area and they are cheap and easy to install.