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Need help? Need help? How to improve the office environment? When it comes to office equipment, your needs may well be incredibly varied or very specific, or possibly both at the same time. For traditional workspaces such as offices, there are certain items that workers and indeed employers will expect to find in situ. These items can range from something as simple and obvious as a desk and a chair, to more overlooked but still necessary products such as leaflet dispensers, notice boards and dry wipe boards, to heaters, fans, document storage and other items of furniture such as comfortable chairs for staffrooms and reception areas and small, bistro-style tables. For more guidance, have a look at our buying guide and F&Qs section.

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Ensuring that your workplace has all the necessary office and commercial equipment to make it a comfortable and safe place for work is an important job, but at times it can feel like an intimidating task. With such a wide variety of office equipment needed in most offices, and with so many options available, you’ll be pleased to hear that we offer a great range of office equipment.

Office Supplies: Buying Guide

Improve Office Environments

Our range of office furniture includes shelving, cabinets, desks and chairs, and even extends to additional equipment such as adjustable footrests, which can be very important in increasing comfort for workers, especially those who have to spend long periods of time sat at their desk. when it comes to chairs, we have everything from desk chairs and conference table chairs, to bistro chairs and stools. If you’re looking for comfortable adjustable desk chairs, then a good place to start would be the Keno fabric chair, which comes in a choice of colours and features high-quality fabric and cushioning, arm rests, wheels for increased mobility and an adjustable seat. Similarly, the creative mesh operator chair allows for comfort and breathability while still providing back support and an attractive cushioned seat.

Storage options available at Seton include cabinets, cupboards, three-drawer pedestals, four-drawer filing cabinets, and open shelving for books and files. We also have a large range of desk and table options, including bistro and side tables that can be used in reception and casual seating areas, round meeting tables, concept workstations, and more traditional rectangular desks and workstations, such as the attractive and practical concept rectangular workstation with 3 drawer pedestal, which features a melamine-covered chipboard desktop, a modesty panel and matching three-drawer pedestal.

Increase Employee Comfort in the Workplace

Other office and desk accessories available include ERGOview lumbar support, ERGOview gel palm support for use with a computer keyboard, and ERGOview gel mouse support. All of these items can help make the working environment more comfortable, and much more for supportive for workers who may be suffering from lower back injuries or carpal tunnel injuries as a result of working at a computer for long hours. It’s not just desks, chairs and other office furniture that we supply, however – even if you’re looking for fans or heaters, we can help.

From electric fan heaters, wall-mounted outdoor patio heaters, vertical convector heaters and spot heaters, we have the heater to suit your specific needs. An electric fan heater can be a great, economic way to increase heating in the office – especially smaller offices – without blowing the budget, while larger workplaces might wish to invest in oil filled radiators, which have adjustable thermostatic control, as well as castors and a carry handle for easy transportation, and a safety cut-out in case of overheating.

For warmer weather, you might wish to invest in fans and air conditioning, of which we have a wide variety of high-quality products. The pedestal fan, for example, provides quiet relief so as not to distract from work, and has both fixed and oscillating settings as well as an adjustable head so that you can position it for optimum comfort, convenience and effectiveness. For more office-wide relief from heat, why not consider one of our air conditioning options, such as the mobile air conditioner or the split system air conditioning kit, which has an internal and an external unit for optimal cooling as well as a digital feature display and remote control for ease of use?


Do you provide smaller items such as stationery, poster and snap frames, and presentation and notice boards?

Seton has a good range of stationery available, and also offers customers a wide range of items when it comes to poster and snap frames, and presentation and notice boards.

How do I know which desk is best for my workplace?

First, start by measuring the work space where the desk is to be placed, and then determine which of ours workstations will best suit the space you have available.

Do you have anything to help make the workplace more accessible for disabled workers and visitors and compliant with health and safety regulations?

Our range of disability aids, which includes DDA wireless doorbells as well as grab rails, and induction loops for hearing loss, is a good place to start, while our disabled access signs and tactile and braille safety signs might also prove useful.

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