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Your Guide to Working with Display Screen Equipment |

Your Guide to Working with Display Screen Equipment

Employees who are exposed to working at computer workstations regularly are at risk of suffering from discomfort and pain. But working with display screen equipment (DSE) can be comfortable and productive. There are a few simple steps you can take to achieve a more comfortable working environment:

Back Support

Comfort is Key

Adjust your chair to support your lower back. Changing the height, back position and tilt can reduce the strain on your back. Alternatively, support cushions are available from us. The ERGOview Lumbar Support has memory foam cushion and is designed to fit most office chairs, providing advanced back support.

Office Foot Rest

Rest your feet flat on the floor to support your posture. Your feet should be at a comfortable level and if your feet are not flat on the floor, use a foot rest. Available from us, The Office Foot Rest ensures a perfect body alignment for your comfort

Avoid phone strain from holding your handset between your ear and shoulder and use a headset. Spending a lot of time on the telephone with the handset between your ear and shoulder can strain the muscles in your neck. A headset enables you to move freely while using the telephone.

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Efficient Use of Your Workspace

Place your screen at eye level with your monitor at arm’s length away from you. With your screen directly in front of you, you will avoid neck strain. If you are unable to adjust your monitor, using a stand can help achieve a comfortable monitor height.

Wrist and Mouse Mat

Position your keyboard in front of you and keep your mouse close. When operating your keyboard and mouse, keep your wrists straight to avoid awkward bending. Use a mouse mat and a wrist rest for a more comfortable way of operating your mouse and keyboard. See our range of Desk accessories.

Avoid screen reflection, which can strain the eyes, by blocking out lights or adjusting the brightness and contrast on your monitor. Ensuring your screen is as glare-free as possible will reduce the risk of eye discomfort.

Make objects around you more accessible to avoid constant reaching and stretching for equipment such as staplers, pens and your telephone. Position equipment you use regularly within easy reach.

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User Training

Amended in 2002, the Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment Regulations (1992) provide further information and advice on working with DSE and outline what employers and employees are required to do to comply.

DSE training information will help prevent serious long term injury and provide your employees with support equipment - browse our range of Training DVD’s, Books and Guides which include Office Safety Essentials training and DSE specific training.

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