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Utility Knives

Need help? Need help? Which utility knife is right for you? Sharp and Safe Utility Knives and Blades - Free Delivery

A reliable utility knife is a tool that will last you for years when used correctly. These exceptionally sharp, heavy-duty knives are designed for use in a wide variety of roles across various sectors, including construction, industrial, warehousing and retail.

Seton carries a full range of utility knives, including ceramic utility knives, folding knives and a number of industry-specific knives to help you find the perfect tool to perform a specific task or meet the general requirements of your workplace. Our safety knives are equipped with innovative features such as auto-retractable blades, finger-friendly blade edges or safety locking systems to prevent accidental blade release and reduce the risk of harm to users.

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Choosing the Right Utility Knives

A utility knife is a tool that you will use daily and keep for many years, so it’s worth taking the time to consider the available options before making your choice.

Seton’s wide range of knives feature ergonomic styling and a choice of blade materials to suit a variety of purposes. Below is a brief guide to help you find the right utility knife to suit your specific needs.

Different Types of Utility Knives

There are a number of different types of industrial knives, including the ceramic blade knife, left-handed utility knife, craft knife and retractable knife. Some of the options for a utility knife include:

When selecting professional knives for your workplace, consider the varied tasks that will need to be undertaken by staff across the site to fulfil their role.

Replacing Utility Knife Blades

Blades that have become rusted, blunted or damaged should be safely removed and replaced. A Blade Container can be used for the safe disposal of used blades.

Seton has a full range of replacement blades, including:

  • Standard steel blades

  • Anti-stab steel blades

  • Ceramic utility blades

  • Craft knife blades

  • Anti-stab ceramic utility blades

  • AutoSafe Pro Safety Blades

The blades are easy to replace, but it is essential that employees are trained in the safe handling of utility knives and correct procedures for the safe replacement of blades.

Utility Knife Safety

The HSE provides practical guidance to assess and reduce the risk of hand knife injuries in the workplace. These guidelines emphasise the employer’s responsibility to provide staff with the right equipment for the task being undertaken.

Seton provides two safety knife ‘bundles’ to help employers meet this requirement. The Martor SECUNORM 175 and Martor SECUPRO 625 bundles include everything you need to promote workplace safety, including safety gloves, safety knives, a blade container and informational posters. Anti-stab blades are also available in both steel and ceramic, and are finished with rounded tips as a further insurance to promote workplace safety.

It is also essential to promote good housekeeping in the workplace to ensure that utility knives are safely stored when not in use and that exposed blades are not left on work surfaces. Knife boxes or racks should be provided, close to where they are used. Belts or sheaths should be provided to employees who need to carry knives on the move, to prevent them being carried in the hand or in pockets, as they move around the workplace.