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Hasp Lockout Kits

Need help? Need help? Find out how hasp kits can improve your lockout process Securing electrical hazards or faulty machinery is necessary to prevent accidents. Hasp lockout kits contain the items that you need to achieve this, ensuring that items are not touched or used until the repairs have been carried out and it is safe to do so.

Failure to properly ensure power isolation during maintenance and repair can be a breach of vital health and safety legislation. The range of safety products we supply, including hasp lockout kits, will help you comply with the regulations and reduce the risk of accidental injury on your premises.

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Safety Hasp Kits: Buying Guide

Even at the best-run sites, general wear and tear can render machinery unsafe, or faults, including electrical faults, can arise. There are many potential injuries that these could cause, and the prevention of these is key to a good health and safety strategy. These hasp lockout kits contain a number of items that will allow you to easily implement a lockout-tagout system – this system clearly displays that these areas are restricted and should not be accessed until the required personnel have pronounced it to be safe.

There are a number of options in our range of hasp lockout kits. We recognise that different workplaces have very different needs and therefore stock kits suitable for small businesses that may need a kit for just one operator, through to kits suitable for whole teams. In our lockout kits category we supply kits for all sorts of specific tasks as well as more generalised kits that will give you a good range of equipment to tackle any energy isolation task.

Items included in the hasp lockout kits include circuit breakers, non-conductive hasps, cable ties, tags and padlocks with keys. The kits also contain pocket guides and training booklets to enable everyone to familiarise themselves with the process and to be kept as a reminder to ensure that it is always implemented properly. A robust plastic box that will withstand demanding conditions is supplied to store all of these items.

Padlock and Hasp

With your hasp kit you will also want to consider the addition of padlocks to secure the hasps in place, many of the kits come with a selection of padlocks already, however we also supply a comprehensive range of safety padlocks. If you have a larger site to secure in the event of having carry out lockout procedures it is a good idea to have a full range of plastic non-conductive padlocks or robust metal padlocks at the ready to secure and lock down faulty machinery as quickly as possible.

There is also a lockout refill kit, which can be used to supplement the other kits or can be kept as spares for when items need replacing. To store the many devices that encompass a fully operational lockout system you will need to look at our range of lockout storage within this we provide lockout stations and lockout boxes that provide a highly visible central point to store these items until they are needed.

Unfortunately most faults are discovered when someone has an injury, but good workplace safety should mean that faults are discovered before an accident occurs. Using a regular maintenance and inspection system is the best way to achieve this. With our innovative range of Scafftag kits you will have everything that you need to implement this internationally recognised system for recording inspections. Simply attach the tags to the machinery to provide vital safety and inspection information. With regular checks, faults are discovered before they become dangerous, and with a hasp lockout kit, you can act quickly to secure the item.

Hasp lockout kits provide your maintenance staff with the equipment that they need to secure potential hazards in the workplace, giving you the peace of mind and knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to keep your employees safe from accidental injuries, in full compliance with health and safety laws.