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Mechanics Gloves

Mechanics’ gloves balance dexterity and protection to allow wearers to perform intricate tasks while protecting their hands. When you are working on machines you need to be able to protect your hands without compromising on dexterity. We have a broad choice of options suitable for various types of task, and we have chosen them for comfort as well as practicality because we know that the last thing you need is chafing from something you wear every day. These practical gloves will strengthen your grip and reduce your risk of injury while letting you move your fingers as freely as possible.

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Buying Mechanical Gloves

The gloves in our selection are all comfortable, but there is some trade-off between freedom of movement and the degree of padding provided. Padding is important if you are working with awkwardly-shaped objects that could bruise your hands over time, if you need to catch objects being dropped down or thrown to you or if you are at risk of picking up small cuts and scratches from the materials you work with. Some gloves offer padding across the whole hand, others only pad the palm, leaving the fingers with more flexibility.

For the ultimate in fine control, the best choice is fingerless gloves, and we stock some which are partially armoured to protect the rest of the hand. These are ideal for more intricate tasks where greater dexterity is required, but obviously, you will need to exercise caution when wearing them as they do not protect the ends of your fingers.

When you need to be able to get a good grip, it is important to choose gloves with a texture that ensures nothing will slide away from you. We stock a range of textured gloves so you can choose the ones best suited to your needs. Many people prefer traditional leather, which has a better texture and offers improved dexterity as it ages and adjusts to your hands, but modern materials also have their advantages and can provide a more structured grip. Some of the gloves in our range are made with mixed materials.

When choosing gloves, you will need to make sure they are suitable for your working environment. Mechanics’ gloves are generally made of materials that will not be damaged by oil, but you will need to consider other corrosive substances that could be in your workplace. You will also need to think about how easy they are to clean, because you will not want to leave smears or smudges of oil in the wrong places.

Finally, you will need to consider the extent to which you need the gloves you choose to support your hands, which will depend on the weight of the objects you are working with. Some mechanics’ gloves are designed to support the hand in a healthy position during lifting and carrying tasks. Others give a lot less support and are more suitable for more subtle work where you need to be able to bend your hands.

Suitable Applications/industries For Mechanical Gloves

- Handling tools, rough objects, and sharp edges
- Dealing with refuse sacks, wooden panels and tiles
- Carrying out warehouse and mechanical tasks
- General assembly, maintenance and repair
- Picking and packing
- Drilling
- Construction
- Oil/gas industry and agricultural jobs
- Transportation
- Plumbing
- Machine operations
- Manufacturing