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Save Energy Signs

Even small steps, such as discouraging people from leaving lights on, can save a business precious energy. Not only is this good for the environment but it can save your business money.

Displaying Save Energy Signs in prominent places will remind visitors and staff to be mindful of the amount of energy they consume while on site, simultaneously reducing costs. The vast range of energy conservation signage we stock covers a wide array of actions that can be taken to save energy at work.

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Environmental Benefits

Businesses have a responsibility to the environment, and conserving energy is a massive part of this. By using clear messages, you can easily remind staff and visitors of the small ways that they can help adhere to your environmental policy. This can really make a difference – to both the future of the world’s resources and your utilities bills.

Encouraging staff to follow instructions such as those found on our ‘Please Turn Off The Light When You Leave’ Sign can lead to potentially massive savings with regard to your electricity, gas and water consumption. Similarly, a well placed ‘Please Turn off The Lights When Not In Use’ Sign can reinforce good environmental practices.

Both of these signs feature highly visible black text on a white background, as well as the widely-recognised recycling symbol, an image commonly associated with environmental concerns.

Our range of 'Keep' Signs may also be useful for business owners, in helping you reinforce your energy saving goals – signs displaying messages such as 'Keep This Door Closed' or 'Keep Locked' help remind staff of the importance of saving energy and the small actions they can take to do so, while simultaneously boosting your efficiency.

Saving Energy and Money

Often underestimated, Save Energy Signs can make a huge difference in the performance of a business. Saving money, becoming more green, and increased efficiency have several pretty obvious benefits.

For example, did you know that accidentally leaving the lights on at the office overnight uses the same amount of energy as heating a home for nearly six months? Leaving just one PC monitor on overnight wastes enough electric to laser print over 500 pages, while leaving your photocopier on standby overnight wastes enough energy to make 30 cups of tea.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, if we all boiled only the water we actually needed every time we use the kettle, the amount of energy we’d save in a year would power the UK’s street lights for just short of seven months. These shocking statistics illustrate just how much we could all be saving if we were just a little more efficient with our actions.

Materials and Fixings

The placement of your signage is important, if it’s not seen it won’t be followed. Our range of Sign Fixings will guarantee your new signs are displayed safely and securely and are noticed by employees, visitors and members of the public alike.

Furthermore, all of our signs are available in a variety of durable materials, including options for indoor and outdoor use as well as temporary, chemical-resistant and fire-resistant options.

In the unlikely instance that we don’t have the sign you are looking for, we can help you create your own - customising your signage to meet your exact requirements. See our custom sign service or speak to one of our friendly Live Chat Advisors who can help you and provide you with any further information that you might need.