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Get Your Safety Customised! UK’s Best, Fast n’ Easy – Online Now |

Get Your Safety Customised! UK’s Best, Fast n’ Easy – Online Now

In addition to conveying the message you have chosen, personalised products strengthen your company’s brand image. Here at Seton, we provide a wide range of products that can be personalised. As an expert in customisation for many years now, we are able to produce your text and images in black, white or colour on a wide range of materials and in the sizes you choose. Personalising your products has never been this quick and easy.

Still can’t find a specific solution that meets your needs? Then contact us. Our team is at your disposal to provide any information we can to help and guide you when designing all your projects.

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Customer Reviews:


"Very fast turnaround. Artwork approval process was really straightforward."


"Easy to order with no problems and my asset tags arrived the very next day!"


"A friendly and efficient service with hassle free ordering on our custom labels."


Why choose Seton to personalise my products?

Seton has been providing its customers with a personalisation service for many years now, and on a wide range of products. Its unmatched expertise comes in particular from the substantial investment made in its production infrastructures. In fact, Seton has its own production facility which means we are able to design its own signs, labels, date stickers and many other products. Machine investment coupled with a desire to be constantly innovating means that Seton is continually improving and will ultimately be able to offer even more options at an affordable price for our customers.

Seton made in-house

Competitive pricing

Multiple design options

Simple and fast to customise

Wide range of products

Unique know-how

Which products can be personalised?

We can personalise ANYTHING… Personal protective equipment (PPE), safety signs and pictograms… There’s a wealth of options awaiting you. Seton’s expertise is intended to be flexible so as to meet your very specific requirements.

Signs and Pictograms

Signs and pictograms that can be personalised

Can’t find the warning or prohibition sign you need in our range of standard signs? Design your own parking signs, and guide your staff and visitors with personalised texts. Choose the size, shape, colours and even the material of your warning signs. Add text and your company’s logo. As signs experts,we provide several sign options: bordered, pre-drilled signs, laminated or round-edged signs

Custom Parking

External facilities and layout of parking spaces can be personalised

Organised parking spaces allows traffic to flow and can be managed easily. Since private roads are not all the same, it is important to use products that can be personalised. Hence, warning strips, parking badges, boundary delimitations, parking signs, information and visitor welcome signs can be adapted for the messages you want to convey.

Custom Office

Office layout and facilities that can be personalised

Personalise your door plates, badge holders, control wristbands or door mats to promote your company’s brand image. Personalised office equipment reflects the company and acts as communication elements. Highlight your company’s name and logo to provide enhanced visibility.


Individual protection that can be personalised.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is essential for protecting and ensuring the safety of employees against the many risks present in the workplace. In addition to protecting staff, PPE can promote your business. Stick your chosen text and your logo on protective helmets, safety helmet labels or armbands and fluorescent vests. You can also configure the size, material, colour, type of fastening and many other features you may want.


Warehouse, storage and handling that can be personalised

Seals, labels, packaging tapes, floor markings and identification signs vary from one warehouse to another. It is therefore essential to personalise this type of product in order to convey the message in line with the activity. The dimensions, colours, materials, type of mount, text, logo, etc., all product features can be personalised.


Prevention of occupational hazards that can be personalised.

The occupational risks depend on the company’s industry. It is therefore important to assess the risks in order to maximise the safety of your employees at work. Personalise your labels showing that an item is “condemned” to indicate that a lock-out procedure is underway, to identify risks and to indicate the rules to be followed and to specify the name of the contact person. Non-slip adhesive tapes with a personalised text enable you to link a message to your non-slip items.


Labels that can be personalised.

Organising, itemising, complying, authenticating, securing, etc. The message you choose can be conveyed by using personalised labels. These labels enable you to implement professional marking procedures suitable for any working environment or equipment. Seton will support you from A to Z with its design tool, so that you can see the result of the changes made. Choose the size, shape, colours and even the material of all your labels. Add the text you want and your company’s logo. It’s up to you to decide how you want your labels to be numbered. We offer you the opportunity to incorporate different types of bar code as well as a simple personalised numbering system.


Inspection, measurement and quality that can be personalised.

Safety at work involves the inspection and maintenance of equipment. Seton allows you to personalise your date stickers, inspection labels and commercial brochures to ensure your equipment is maintained.


Accessibility for people with disabilities that can be personalised.

Transparent surfaces are particularly appreciated in-house, but they can be dangerous. Visually impaired people might collide with these transparent surfaces. Installing standardised signage would help prevent accidents. Personalise the warning strips, thereby combining safety, aesthetics and communication.

Custom Safety Signs

Industrial markings that can be personalised.

Optimise your industrial markings by personalising your products. Identify conduits with CLP/GHS pipe markers to identify the liquid or gas it contains. This will enable you to maximise staff safety.


Hazardous, absorbent and anti-pollution products that can be personalised.

Hazardous products require even greater vigilance than any other product. In this way, product signage makes it possible to make the various workstations safe. International transport signage, labels identifying hazardous products etc. Convey the message you want to indicate the nature of the hazardous products.

Custom Lockout

Lock-outs and tag-outs that can be personalised.

Some professional facilities need to be secured. These machines are condemned using lock-out padlocks. Padlocks connected to warning labels that can be personalised convey a clear message with great impact. Personalise the text and colour of lock-out padlocks.

How can I be sure that the product is the one I want?

Still not sure you'll get exactly what you want? Seton guarantees customer satisfaction with the Artwork Approval (also known as Artwork Proof) process.

What is Artwork Approval?

The Artwork Approval process is there to remove your doubts.

At Seton, Artwork Approval refers to the final stage before production is started, where we send you (by your choice of email, fax or letter) a document showing the personalisation requested. Our Artwork Approval process provides you with an accurate preview of how your design will turn out and lets you see the layout of the elements that have been added.

The Advantages

Your personalised text, logos and added images appear on the Artwork Approval document you receive. We use the scale you have requested so that what is produced in the mock-up is as realistic as possible. In this way, you can see if the text is big enough, if the colours chosen are what you want or if the size of the images provides the quality required.

As per the reminder at the bottom of the Artwork Approval document, it’s important to check whether the written details are compliant and spelt correctly. This means you will be able to carry out a full review and make any corrections required.

If the document shows a design that you’d like to change, you can ask for it to be re-issued with the necessary amendments.

This stage of contract proof, often seen as a simple validation, is of vital importance as the Artwork Approval document is the last mock-up of your product. This document must be validated by you after all the elements have been carefully checked. When the Artwork Approval document has been signed and approved, production of the product can then be started.

Below are two examples of Artwork Approval documents. It includes the sizes, personalised text, logo chosen and the colour summary.

Seton Artwork Approval Example

For best results it’s important to make sure your images are in the right file format for optimum quality. For more details on this please consult our image guide.

For any further information, please see our FAQ – products that can be personalised. And if your question does not appear in the list, please ask us. Our experts are here to answer your questions.

Contact the sales department on 0800 316 9700 or by e-mail at sales@seton.co.uk.

How do you create personalised products?

Do you want the product that fulfils all your expectations? Then you design it. Seton invites you to personalise your products to get the solution you expect. Personalised products will help you respond to a unique problem you may be facing and also incorporate your brand image on them for better communication. Designing your customised product has never been easier, thanks to our on-line personalisation tool. Seton enables you to create and view your product in just a few clicks. All you have to do is simply choose from the suggestions to get a preview of what you have created. No limits! Seton can process your texts and images whether they are in black and white or in colour, offering a wide range of materials in the sizes you choose. The personalisation tool is a real time-saver and Seton guarantees you quality products. It’s easy and quick. So, it’s over to you.

What type of image should I use for my images and logos?

When you want to personalise your products with a logo or an image, it’s important to choose the right type of file. Using a high quality image in the right format will enable you to get the best possible end-product, because a high quality image or logo can be adjusted to the actual dimensions of the personalised product. But what is the right format and why does it matter so much?

An image or a logo matching the right specification will remain of good quality, independent of the final & real size of your customised product.

Vector Bitmap Image

There are two types of image:

  • The vector image or vectorised image. This type of image has digital file extensions such as .ai, .eps, .cdr, .fh and can be enlarged indefinitely without losing its shape and without blurring. This is the best image type to use.
  • The bitmap image or Bitmap. Unlike the vector image, this file type will lose its shape and become blurred when enlarging it. These images have digital file extensions such as .jpeg, .pdf, .tiff, .png, .gif, .psd, .jpg . This image type should be avoided.

It’s important you make sure that you always send us vector images when ordering, so we can create the best possible end-product for you. If you have any questions or concerns about how to ensure you create the exact product you want, consult our guide on logo formats, which will give you all the tips and advice you need to design your logo!

A few of our customers’ designs

Here you can see some of our customers’ designs, created using our on-line personalisation tool. Now it’s over to you!


Why not start now? Browse the different types of customised solutions on offer to produce all your unique designs. And don’t forget that Seton can personalise ANYTHING, or almost anything…

Any questions?

Any questions?

Need details regarding delivery time? Need advice? Do you have an idea that does not appear in our offers? Be assured that anything is possible and anything can be achieved with Seton!

Find our FAQs dedicated to personalisation on-line or contact our sales department on 0800 0326372 or by email: custom@seton.co.uk.

Our team is always available to help meet your needs and to guide you in implementing all of your projects!