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Snow Shovels

Need help? Need help? How do you prepare for snow? Heavy duty shovels are essential, especially during winter. Whether you are looking to clear a car park or residential streets of snow we have a wide range of shovels that suit a variety of needs.

Our snow shovels range from small hand scoops, that are ideal for collecting de-icing materials, through to hand snow ploughs, which can be used to efficiently move large quantities of snow. It is vital to be prepared for adverse weather conditions as this will prevent you from being caught out, which can result in inconvenience and cause accidents when winter arrives.

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Heavy Duty Shovels and Scoops: Buying Guide

Snow and ice can cause major disruptions, particularly if you live in a rural area or need to keep a commercial property, educational facility or retail environment open. Our heavy duty shovels and scoops allow you to clear away snow on roads, walkways and other paths much easier. They push snow to one side and make areas such as car parks and pavements safer places, which reduces the risk of potential hazards.

Choosing Snow Shovelling Equipment

When choosing a snow shovel that is right for you, remember to take into consideration the size and shape, as our range offers a variety of options that suit different purposes.

Snow shovels are a more effective way of moving snow than a simple spade, as they have a cleverly designed blade that effortlessly pushes snow and they can be used to chip away at patches of ice too. All our heavy duty shovels and scoops are designed with comfort, usability and durability in mind, which means that they will not break under the strain of snow. For larger areas a heavy duty shovel would be ideal, as it will scoop all the snow and you can use it to simply clear a route from your building to the end of the road.

If you would like a spade that is easy to clean our snow pusher could be the right choice for you. It is ‘non-stick’, which means you can efficiently remove several shovelfuls of snow without being bogged down by any encrusted residue. Once the surface is clear of snow, you can use a professional salt spreader to distribute de-icer and prevent ice building up on frozen roads or pavements.

In order to be prepared for larger snowfalls, you can use a snow plough to clear areas that are up to 15cm deep. These also have a flip-over design which makes the work effortless as you can change direction with ease. It is worth looking at what type of shovels and scoops you require and stocking up in advance to be prepared for any situation.

Shovels and Scoops Safety

Thick ice can be a major safety issue, especially when you have numerous amounts of people coming to work or school. You can use our de-icing salt to melt ice and prevent accidents such as slips, trips, and falls.

We also stock car park winter kits that provide you with essential equipment to help keep your car park safe and operational in harsh weather conditions.