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Fire Officer Equipment

Need help? Need help? What's the best equipment for your fire safety officer? UK'S Best Fire Officer Equipment - Top Quality

Your fire officer may have the responsibility to implement an efficient fire safety plan in case of emergency. It is crucial to be certain that your plan will run smoothly so that all your employees will stay safe. Keeping this in mind, we offer a range of Fire Officer Equipment that your fire officer can use to ensure that your workplace is ready for any emergency.

We offer many products that will help fire officers perform their jobs more efficiently. We have various fire warden kits, emergency glow sticks, fire equipment chests, emergency horns and whistles, and fire warden signs.

For more information, see our buying guide below.

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Fire Safety Officer Resources: Buying Guide

Without a doubt, fire safety is one of the most important factors in successfully and responsibly managing a workplace. It is crucial that you take the necessary precautions in planning how to deal with a fire. Having the appropriate procedures in place to evacuate your building quickly and efficiently during a fire event can prevent serious consequences, including loss of life. The majority of buildings and employers appoint fire officers or fire wardens to be responsible for evacuating the premises if a fire should occur. Our Deluxe Fire Warden Kit contains all the essential products that a fire warden should have to perform that critical role appropriately.

The Deluxe Fire Warden Kit contains a large number of products that can assist the fire warden if your building must be evacuated, including a high-visibility waistcoat and armband that keeps the fire warden visible all the time, even when conditions are smoky. When there is a fire in the workplace, visibility can become limited, so the kit includes a Maglite torch to assist the fire warden in guiding employees to the nearest exit. The kit also contains a pack of ten lightsticks which the fire warden can activate by bending the tube and shaking them. To help the fire warden communicate with the evacuee, the kit also contains six plastic whistles and an air horn. Also supplied is a first aid kit that the fire warden can use to treat minor injuries and burns. All the items in the Deluxe Fire Warden Kit come in a lightweight, durable bag with a reflective strip so that the fire warden can find the bag quickly when visibility is poor.

We also offer a standard Fire Warden Kit. The difference between the standard and deluxe kits is that the standard kit does not contain any first aid supplies. We also offer the lightsticks, whistles and air horns seperately, should a fire warden wish to supplement the original kit. In addition, we have available a Fire Warden Sign to ensure that evacuees can identify the fire warden in a crowd and lets them know where they should gather. The sign is very visible and easily attracts attention. The rigid plastic sign fits into a colourful holder that the fire warden attaches to a telescopic pole that can extend from 300mm to 600mm. Making it easy to identify the location of the fire warden makes it less likely that people will panic in an emergency.

Fire Equipment Chests that fire wardens can use to store their equipment are also extremely useful. The chests are manufactured from tough moulded plastic that provides exceptional durability both indoors and outdoors. The chests also come with a key-lock mechanism to prevent unauthorised access. A neoprene seal provides protection from the weather and protects the chest’s contents.

A resource not to overlook is the fire risk assessment. This will prove invaluable to a fire safety officer as it details all of the aspects necessary to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors. Discover all the key components to create your fire risk assessment with our 29 minute expert guide. This is a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide that includes information on everything you need to avoid fines by carrying out an effective fire risk assessment, plus a handy downloadable template to get started now.

Tips for your Fire Warden Safety Officer

Ideal equipment for your fire safety officer that will make sure they have all the basics covered.

  • Clothing or signs to identify the fire warden

  • An air horn or other type of warning horn or whistle

  • A fire beater or fire shovel

  • A torch or emergency glow sticks

  • A first aid kit, including a basic burn treatment kit

Remember that disposable items will need to be restocked and that some items, such as glow sticks, have a limited lifespan, after which they may not work as effectively. Make sure that your fire warden kit is kept in good order so that you can rely on it if the worst happens. You will also need to keep your fire extinguishers up to date.

Fire warden responsibilities

The full scope of fire marshal duties depends on the size and nature of the workplace, but always includes the following:

  • Checking that fire doors and fire exits are closed but unlocked, with nothing blocking them.

  • Checking that escape routes from the premises are clear.

  • Checking that fire extinguishers are properly located and in good condition.

  • Testing fire alarms every week and making sure that nothing blocks them.

  • Testing emergency lighting and reporting any faults.

  • Making sure that there are adequate fire safety signs on the premises.

  • Assessing fire risks on an ongoing basis.

  • Making sure that everyone knows how to evacuate the premises if a fire occurs.

  • Making sure that disabled people are safely evacuated if a fire occurs.

  • Providing information to the fire service if a fire occurs.


Is having a fire marshal a legal requirement?

If your premises are small, you don’t need to nominate a fire warden, but if you don’t, those duties will default to you. Whoever takes on the responsibility should get fire warden training. You should get a fire risk assessment from your local fire service to find out what is recommended for your premises.

Can I get away with buying just a basic fire warden kit?

Our Economy Fire Warden Kit includes all the basic items you need to run a fire alarm drill or cope with a small fire in your workplace. It doesn’t give you the tools for coping with big fires where there’s a lot of smoke, or for treating injuries caused by fire. It’s a practical choice if you already have the equipment you need for that.

Does a fire warden need to fight fires?

Fire wardens should be prepared to step in and fight small fires with the aim of extinguishing them or allowing others to escape. They are not required to put themselves in danger. If they can’t put a fire out within 10 seconds, they should evacuate and wait for the professionals. Their primary role is simply to make sure that everybody gets out of the building safely, and they should never be asked to take risks to protect workplace property.

How often is a fire alarm drill needed?

The fire service recommends that a drill should be carried out at least once a year. You should keep a record of how it goes. You should also run a drill after any major change to the layout of your premises.