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Traffic Cones, Bollards & Posts

Need help? Need help? Find out why you need traffic cones & bollards? Top Rated Traffic Cones, Bollards & Posts with Free Delivery
Here at Seton we can help you to manage vehicles more effectively as we have a wide selection of traffic cones, bollards and posts. While cars can be dangerous, having the right equipment to hand is sure to make things easier and reduce the risk of accidents. We have plenty of products to choose from, so finding the correct item for your organisation needn’t be a chore.

For more information on the uses of cones and bollards, how accessories can increase their functionality and whether you might need a heavy duty option, read our cones buying guide and frequently asked questions.

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Security Posts, Road Cones and Safety Bollards Expert Advice

When you want to deal with changing situations around your site, nothing gives you as much flexibility as a varied set of traffic cones. Choosing glow in the dark cones, or marking them with reflective tape, means they are even useful at night.

Safety Cones for Inside and Out

If you have any sort of outside space, cones are likely to be an essential piece of kit. They are obviously associated with directing traffic, but cones can be employed for a great number of reasons. Because they need no set up, cones are ideal in an emergency situation and will instantly warn drivers and pedestrians of areas to avoid. If your car park has issues with flooding, for example, a few cones can very quickly mark out bays which cannot be used. A single cone is also a good way to alert staff and visitors of damaged paving that is waiting to be repaired.

Cones can also be used indoors to mark out areas that are temporarily closed, such as when they are being cleaned or an accident has occurred.

Highly reflective cones which stand out in the beams from car headlights are recommended for outside use. Even if your car park isn’t generally used at night, there will be occasions when poor visibility due to weather conditions occurs and these cones will be far easier to see. Weighted cones will resist strong winds so consider whether that’s a feature which might be useful.

Parking Cones & Accessories

Cones are an excellent way to mark out temporary zones, either in or out of doors. They can be matched to the colours of your parking permits to assist drivers looking for a parking space or find their car when leaving your premises. Take a look at how to keep your car park safe today. Colour coding is a large part of workplace efficiency measures that can be made in manufacturing or warehouse locations. Different coloured cones can be used to show interim, overflow areas without compromising productivity procedures that have been established elsewhere.

For an increased level of communication, special signs can be fitted to cones to send specific messages, such as “keep left” or “road works”. For occasions where larger areas need to be cordoned off in a hurry, we also supply cones that can hold barriers, making it quick and easy to show if areas are off-limits.

Accessories such as resilient safety lights can be fixed to the tops of cones to alert drivers of their presence at night and help your team continue with work when visibility is poor. Cone safety lights are a simple way to effectively brighten an area. Seton’s cone safety lights are easily affixed to the tops of traffic cones and are automatically activated by photocell for 360° of light.

If you want to brighten up your parking bollards while simultaneously protecting them, you can also use bollard sleeves. These highly reflective plastic sleeves are extremely versatile and can be cut to fit. They are also made from resilient, low-density polyethylene which will keep your traffic bollards protected from weather and rust.

If you need to create a safety cordon quickly and efficiently, you can also use a safety cordon kit such as the Skipper XS Maintenance Kit. This kit has everything you need to quickly create an effective safety cordon, including an XS unit, clamp holder, magnetic cord holder, and suction pad. These tools, when used on barrier posts and bases, or traffic cones, create a safety cordon. The tools can then be easily stacked back into the kit for efficient transport and storage.

Choosing Security Bollards

There are a number of different kinds of bollards to choose from so you will find a bollard to accommodate whatever unique needs your space has. We stock several different types of bollard and traffic post that you can use to make areas off-limits to vehicles on a more permanent basis. These can be useful for guarding pedestrian walkways around your workplace or keeping cars from parking in spaces designated for use by cyclists. Folding posts are an option if you want to make areas accessible on an occasional basis, for instance so you can get delivery vehicles in and out for loading and unloading.

There are also temporary bollards which allow for quick, easy action when cordoning off an area or redirecting traffic. These temporary bollards can be simply placed in the necessary location and then picked up and removed when no longer needed.

If you are looking for something more permanent, you can opt for crash protection bollards which are perfect for protecting again hard impacts. These bollards are ideal for protecting machines, buildings, and ramps.

Hinged bollards, or fold down bollards, are perfect for locations where traffic will sometimes need to enter. These bollards can be locked upright using a key or padlock and then, when they are no longer needed, unlocked and laid down. These bollards can be easily secured to prepare concrete surfaces and allow for much greater flexibility of flow and movement.

For car parks and parking bays, there are also folding parking barriers available. These barriers automatically lock when they are lifted for easy, convenient use. They allow you to reserve parking spaces easily, and they are made of durable materials so they will be able to handle the inevitable bump from parking cars.

Community considerations and legal requirements

When choosing how many bollards or posts you require, bear in mind that they need to be placed at a sensible distance from each other so they do not block access for wheelchairs and mobility vehicles, while still being close enough to prevent vehicles passing through.

In addition to regulations surrounding disability access, make sure to also familiarise yourself with the governmental regulations surrounding traffic bollards and low level traffic signs. Only certain signs are permitted on traffic bollards, and it is important to know which signs are allowed and which signs need to be reflective.

Local ordinances also cover the use of bollard posts and placement in order to accommodate fire trucks and emergency services vehicles. These vehicles may need to gain access to a specific area, and it is important that the bollards are placed in the correct areas. If you are considering adding bollards to private property, you should also consider your own safety needs, should you need emergency services to quickly access your property.


I do not have much storage space. How many cones do I really need?

The amount of cones you need will of course depend on the job you want to do with them, but do not worry – many of our cones are stackable, reducing the amount of space they take up in storage.

How tough do I need cones and road bollards to be? Will they be destroyed if they are hit by something heavy?

Most roadside cones, even plastic cones, are quite resilient and will either stand firm or bounce safely out of the way if hit by a vehicle.

Bollards vary in what they are able to cope with. The heaviest duty bollards we supply are capable of resisting the impact of a crash to protect buildings from damage. Others are designed to absorb some of the impact, bringing vehicles to a halt with minimal harm caused to vehicles or premises. You should choose your bollards based on the type of vehicles they will need to deal with, taking into account the level of protection you need.

How easy is it to fit bollards and parking poles?

This very much depends on the type of bollard you choose. Drop down bollards can be fixed quite simply using bolts and very little specialist knowhow. Other bollard types will require holes to be made and you will need additional time to prepare the area and, if you reinforce the fitting with concrete, time for it to dry. If in doubt, consult a local specialist for assistance before attempting installation yourself.