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Winter Accessories

Plummeting temperatures, snow, slippery surfaces and a heightened risk of falls are just a few of the challenges winter throws at us. Our range of high quality winter accessories can help get you through the cold winter months, keeping you safe, warm and protected against the harsh elements.

From boots and oil-heaters to thermal leggings and jackets, our collection of winter products can help you and your employees beat the cold this winter. For more information on how to prepare for winter and ensure you have everything you need, check out our helpful guide.

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Cold Weather Protection & Staying Safe

When the temperature drops and the evenings get darker, businesses need to adapt their premises accordingly. Hi-vis clothing with reflective strips is more important than ever for those working outside during the winter months. Extreme weather conditions, such as thick showers of snow or heavy rain, and the sudden onset of darkness can make it very difficult for people to be seen around your premises. All employees and staff heading outside or located outdoors should be kitted out appropriately to keep them safe from potential collisions with vehicles.

People who work outside during the winter are particularly susceptible to health problems associated with cold weather. This includes injuries such as slips and trips in wet, icy or snowy conditions; but also illnesses that can be attributed to spending prolonged periods exposed to low temperatures. Warm winter wear should therefore be supplied as a matter of course. Thermal underwear and thick jackets will provide an extra layer of protection that is invaluable in maintaining core body temperature while hats, boots and gloves will protect the extremities.

Floors should be kept clean and clear. Where there is a risk of water, ice or other slippery surfaces; clear cautionary signage must be displayed to reduce the risk of trips, slips or falls. Investing in industrial quality entrance mats ensures water and snow aren’t trodden inside and helps keep interior flooring dry and clean.

Oil filled radiators offer a cheaper, more cost efficient way of heating offices and rooms during the winter, keeping staff and visitors warm and comfortable during their time on-site.

Preparing For Winter

Keeping pathways and entrances to your property gritted and clear will keep those accessing your premises safe. It is advisable to stock up on de-icers and rock salts ahead of the winter months; so that no matter how unexpected the weather is, you’re prepared. When adverse weather is forecast, spreading a thin layer of rock salt or grit on the ground will prevent ice from forming. Items such as snowploughs can help clear entrances of obstructions and prevent potentially hazardous snowdrifts.

Ensure you have enough de-icer and ice scrapers for your vehicles and any company cars/vans to be able to drive safely. Keep abreast of local weather warnings and of the possibility of sudden drops in temperature, by tuning in regularly to the weather forecast.

Here at Seton, we pride ourselves on offering only the most innovative - yet affordable - solutions for your business’ needs. Our extensive range of winter accessories are compliant to all modern health and safety legislation, and cover everything you could possibly need when it comes to keeping staff and employees warm and protected from harsh weather conditions.