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De-icers & White Rock Salt

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Winter comes hand-in-hand with a heightened risk of trips and slips. Factors such as snow and ice on access roads and car parking areas increase the chance of accidents occurring. Before the cold weather begins to set in, preparatory work should be undertaken to lower the risk of accidents on your premises caused by ice, snow, slippery surfaces and freezing temperatures.

Our wide selection of effective de-icers and salt products, including special bulk buy offers, will help you reduce the dangers associated with these hazards on your premises. More information on de-icing products, and preparing for winter can be found in our buying guide below.

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De-icing Salt, Grit and Liquids: Buying Guide

One tried-and-tested safety measure to protect those accessing your premises from slips and trips is the use of de-icing grit or rock salt. Spreading these materials on the ground when the weather forecast takes a turn for the worse reduces the risk of an accident occurring as temperatures drop. Our selection of de-icing products and rock salts offers something to meet everyone’s requirements, no matter how much or how little you need.

It’s advisable to keep a supply of de-icing materials on standby as unpredictable twists in weather or temperature can cause dangerous, slippery conditions on roads, paths and entranceways. Our effective, white de-icing rock salt is available in various quantities; ensuring that premises of all sizes are covered. Remember when choosing how much to buy that vehicles are just as liable to slip as pedestrians, often with disastrous consequences, so ensure you have enough to cover your whole site. Consider also the use of liquid de-icers near entrances to prevent grit or other residue from being brought inside on people’s shoes.

De-icing Rock Salt & Grit – How Does it Work?

Gritting or salting surfaces in the winter lowers the temperature that water freezes at, thereby preventing ice from forming. Salts also prevent water or snow forming a bond with the surface they’ve landed on, allowing them to melt and disperse naturally. Our selection of de-icing products work effectively in temperatures as low as -15°C to safeguard against accidents in otherwise treacherous weather conditions.

Ice Melt Salt Benefits

  • 1.Efficient and effective at combating ice and snow without requiring a high level of application

  • 2.Cheapest and most readily available de-icing solution for ice and snow

  • 3.Easy to store, handle and spread using a shovel or drop spreader

  • 4.Low environmental impact through production and application

  • 5.Non-toxic to skin and clothing

Preparing For Winter

Recognising the risks of icy weather and taking safety measures early is essential to control hazards on-site, thereby reducing the risk to employees and members of the public. Keeping abreast of weather forecasts and purchasing appropriate de-icing supplies are simple steps that help you prepare for the big freeze.

When ice is forecast, you are recommended to put down a thin layer of de-icing rock salt or grit before any potential ice or snow settles. This method means that less salt is needed to remove the hazard afterwards.

Being proactive and bulking up on white de-icing rock salt before the colder weather sets in is a great way to ensure that you are prepared, should the weather take a sudden unexpected turn. Recommendations made by the Independent Winter Resilience Review say that premises owners should ideally hold de-icing supplies equivalent to 48 de-icing spreads at all times, encouraging the buying of these resources in bulk. Provided that stock is properly stored, any unused salts can last indefinitely - making them a sound investment in your safety and great value for money.

When laying de-icing compounds, it is important that staff are supplied with the correct personal protective equipment. Thinsulate® gloves, protective boots and high-visibility jackets are recommended.

Regardless of whether you choose a small bottle of liquid ice melt or de-icing salt in bulk buy quantities, Seton will have a solution that works for you.


Why is it important to melt snow and de-ice my business premises?

Obviously, the main reason why you need to make sure that your premises are free from ice and snow is safety. It is essential to do a risk assessment of your business premises and ensure that staff, customers and contractors can safely navigate them in snowy or icy conditions. You do not want anyone coming to harm on your property, and you may be liable for a compensation claim if they do. The Health and Safety Executive advises that you keep up to date by visiting weather service sites such as the Met Office and Highways England, and act in advance when freezing temperatures are forecast. Remember, even if customers deem your premises safe, they may avoid them if accessing them is inconvenient. Therefore, it’s always advisable to get rid of snow and ice that will discourage people from approaching your business.

What exactly is de-icing salt?

Most de-icing salt, also referred to as grit salt or road salt, is rock salt. It is possible to use either white rock salt or brown rock salt to ‘grit’ your outside business premises. Brown rock salt can be a little cheaper, but white rock salt is considered a cleaner, greener alternative as it is derived from sea water, as opposed to brown rock salt, which is mined. White rock salt does not tend to leave a residue, which can then get dragged into your premises on footwear, causing carpets and other floor coverings to get dirty and gritty.

How should I use rock salt?

Rock salt can be used on paths, pavements, roads, driveways, car parks and steps. It can be spread before snow falls to help stop it settling, but should also be used after snow is cleared to prevent ice from forming, or melt any ice that has already formed. Depending on resources and conditions, a generous amount of rock salt can be used to completely melt ice, or you can use a smaller amount to weaken ice so that it can be removed by other methods. You will probably find that you need a small salt spreader in order to safely de-ice your premises, or for small areas, such as an outside access area or a few steps, you may find that a hand-held salt shaker is adequate.

How do I choose the right de-icer?

As already mentioned, many businesses will want to use white rock salt as it’s a cleaner and greener alternative to brown, and keeps inside premises cleaner. However, brown can be a little cheaper and may be suitable for some larger outside areas around bigger workshops and factories. Cost may also be a factor if you have large areas to de-ice. For smaller areas such as stairwells, gantries and other areas in which salt may be difficult to use, you may prefer a liquid ice melt, or for true flexibility, try a multi-purpose de-icer, which can be mixed with water to make a de-icing solution.

Who should be in charge of de-icing at my company?

Large corporations with extensive premises might employ a commercial de-icing company, but for most small and medium-sized businesses, de-icing can be done by any competent employee, as long as they follow best practices, and carefully follow all instructions on de-icing products and equipment. It is advisable to put a procedure in place, with someone designated to monitor temperatures, assess the risk, and take action when necessary.

What else should I do to ensure safety in icy conditions?

If you are unable to de-ice your entire premises, you may want to divert pedestrians and vehicles to the areas that have been de-iced. You can do this using safety signs and traffic cones. Remember to remove these signs and cones as soon as the hazardous conditions have passed. Otherwise, it is likely that staff and customers will learn to ignore them, making them less effective in the future.

What are the best de-icers for my business premises?

This will depend on the size and layout of your premises, and the areas you need to keep clear. Here are a few of our top de-icing products and equipment:

  • White De-icing Salt 25KG – A large bag of fast-acting de-icing salt. High in purity with virtually no residue, it provides clean and efficient de-icing and guards against re-freezing.

  • Liquid Ice Melt - A quick, convenient and cost-effective way to melt ice from stairwells, gantries and other areas where it is difficult to spread salt.

  • Small Salt Spreader – Provides an easy and safe way to quickly de-ice larger areas.

Here at Seton, we have a de-icing solution to suit your business premises. If you have any questions, feel free to call us and ask our friendly experts for advice.